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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Just Perfect"

My mistake was asking someone how to add a comment to one of their postings. Problem solved by setting up my own blog...aukkkkkkk! Now my need for a 26 hour day has accelerated overnight to a need for a 27 1/2 hour day. An obsessive compulsion to present everything as perfect as possible resulted in an evening of a simple blog set up consuming hours upon hours of time most normal people use for sleeping, and finally tucking myself into bed with the rising sun. Half of evening was used up laughing at each other's comments on the follies of having it "Just Perfect".

Now that I am perfectly content with my near perfect (in mine own eyes) blog, a question that has miffed me since the beginning of my time...What ever happened to the perfectly healthy pet? Near normal and not so normal cats and dogs have sought me out since the creation of my own little world upon this planet. I fly with the angels in 7th heaven on the addition of each new pet until the first visit to the vet dive bombs me back down to earth in record time and explodes my intense joy into a fireball of little heart aches and sighs. The habitual need of keeping Jesse, Andee, Zoe, and Dustin's quality of life near perfect sets me up for a long journey that at times is in wear-me-out mode.

My life doesn't always make living with cats and dogs simple. Forty miles to work, fun filled day of work, work, work, forty miles away from work to home...ahhhhhhhh...what relief. Ooops...pond needs topping off, dirty and empty bird feeder begs for a cleaning and refill, and dry bird baths wait for their thirst to be quenched. Oh no! Beauty bushes wilting from too much heat and too few drops of rain...quick, grab the hose and while you're at it give water relief to those plant containers on the patio overflowing with bushes and vines. Do I have time to pick just this one area of weeds and maintain control over myself to stifle that mounting urge to pick every weed in the yard before sunset? Forgot I need to trim backyard pathways so spiders don't hitch hike a ride on me while I am potty training dog with a flashlight at midnight. Crap! Lawn needs mowing again. Cat pans stink, dust balls on kitchen tired to care, oh cripes! dust balls flying up onto counter as I walk by...where's that darn vacuum cleaner attachment. Why does it take an hour to pill and feed three cats and one dog? At last...settling down to a microwave dinner with my army of vitamins in front of the computer to write this posting while my bedtime was an hour ago.

I need magic, lots of magic to squeeze all of this around my pets, and that is what I somehow do. Next to my husband, my pets always get top billing in this chaotic mess of living actively. Somehow it all meshes together, and I can say that no dull moments ever exist under our roof. Everything seems perfect without being perfect, if that makes any kind of sense. While a perfectly healthy pet may seem a gift from the heavens, all my perfectly unhealthy pets have become a gift from a thousand heavens.

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