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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cry Baby

My body's falling apart. My chiropractor says no...I just need 153 more adjustments, and I will be as good as new. Aaaaaaaaaaah!!! I went through 217 adjustments last year to make my body as good as new from my last not-too-smart idea. How can he tell me my body's not falling apart? Chiropractor assures me I will get over this latest setback in several weeks, just like I got over the other 28 setbacks this last year. He assures me that two steps forward and one step backwards doesn't mean I will be stepping in and out of his office for the next five years. I'm wondering if he is testing the threshold of endurance my checkbook can handle. He tells me I need to keep pedal pedal pedaling that exercise bike, bend those knees BEND THOSE KNEES, go girl go, HUT! one two three, one two three, HUT! one two three, one two three. Does he have a hit list he's working on? Okay... I know...but I just need to feel sorry for myself about 5 more minutes...then I'll be 10% more positive.

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