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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Weekend

Lazy day. Dressed at 4 pm...finally...walking gingerly down driveway without knee brace or makeup to check mail box, and finding mail person apparently late. Sigh. I have this usually down pat as to how few times I have to get dressed to venture outside, 'cause once inside - off with sort-of-nice clothes and on with bum clothes, being adverse to switching back and forth too many times a day. Maybe there's no mail at all...nah...I get so much junk mail there has to be something. Ah...hear mail truck now...sadly have that slightly different sounding motor fried in my brain with a stop - go - stop - go - stop - go - stop. !!KABOOM!! Lightning - thunder - rain of the elephant and hippo variety, and mail person has just delivered my mail.
!!!KABAAM!!! It's like a war zone out there and that mailbox seems light years away. Dustin dog becoming my shadow glued to me with his shivering and heavy breathing. He's a stormaphobic. An excellent home meter for a pending storm...if it's a comin, he starts a whinin. Zoe's in her comfort zone behind the dryer. Jesse and Andee...storm? Is all that racket a storm? Ho hum. Who cares. Stretched out on their cat tree of tremendous height in front of window illuminating with flashes of light almost constantly, snoozing away.

I find my weekends going nowhere, due to a need to get totally out of debt, and also a need to not screw my knee up anymore than I have. I stay indoors...forever...Friday night...Saturday... Sunday...then evicted Monday morning by THE JOB. I dwell too long on this blog and not long enough on my scrapbook endeavors. Why? Scrapbooking requires so much more mental ambition and material involvement than blogging. (Oops! I'm sure plenty of blogs out there require tremendous mental thought and hands on hands work...just not mine, being of a more simplistic nature.) Plus blogging apparently is much more addictive to me than scraping memories into books. Topping off the evening with 'Jesse Stone: No Remorse' as Tom Selleck still sizzles for me. Gift from husband when I spent half his vacation sicker than a dog (sorry Dustin), and missed watching it with him. Electricity threatening to go off...thunder a rumblin...lightning a flashin...we'll see how far I get into this movie before......

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