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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Movie Day Blues

Icy gel pack strapped to elevated knee, eating cold baked beans and onions out of can with an ice tea spoon and honeydew melon for a finisher...amazing what one eats when by themselves. Treated myself to a movie late this afternoon and that is a feat in itself that has happened no more than five or six times these last few years. Some movies just beg to be seen on the big screen to grasp the full visual effect, and 'Inception' is a visual treat from beginning to end, great story for those who like an action movie that also requires some thinking. Waited 'til I figured another day might see it erased from the marquee - 3:15 pm on a Thursday after school had already revved up again, and theater deserted as I hoped it would be. Knee refusing to bend well while strangled in knee brace...those too short of steps forced to endure...I feel like I'm sticking out like a sore thumb. Oh...cripes!...need right side rail...double cripes!!...have to take baby steps across theater to reach right side rail. Just had to have this container of coke (sorry Pepsi) and bag of need three hands, or am not going to be sitting any higher than row one. Right hand on rail, left hand holding coke and purse, teeth holding popcorn...left foot on first step, pull right foot up, left foot on second step, pull right foot up, left foot on third step, pull right foot up. Amazing how fast this process can be sped up by just looking totally at floor, clinching teeth, and working that left foot like a piston on that awkward assent into the stratosphere of the upper row seats, before both legs go to Crampsville, USA and teeth want to fall out. With my "just had to see a movie on the big screen" fix for the year, its back to rentals on the old tele until body is back to near normal, evidently my new normal...sighhhhhhhh.

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