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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

He knows me so well...

I am such a fruitaholic, and husband knows me well.  He can do nothing but please, when it comes to showering me with fruit.  I love it.

Orchids rank right up there with fruit...unfortunately my feline trio thinks flowers rank even higher than fruit.  Those three sets of grinding teeth stripping leaves and blossoms to satisfy their ravenous appetites for plant products, forces bouquets to be perched in high places where they escape enjoyment by pets and me.

Gifts rank bottom of the list of my love languages.  Let me clarify that...I don't need gifts as proof of love, but I love receiving gifts.

Husband's last vacation in May was squarely in the middle of recouping from his eleven month work break for eye surgery and recovery.  He tried to reassure me that we actually did some things before he went back to Iraq, but it's that thing people who love you do to make you not feel so crappy.  I know what we did...we ate out a couple of times...period.  Too practical...way too practical, when life is a gift with no guarantees.  Next vacation is my gift to him, packing all the days with entertainment and a two night romantic stay in Atlanta, Georgia of slightly extravagant accommodations and activities, but what the only live once...right?  Many hours trying to get it all perfect, and I'm wondering if this is turning into a gift for myself or still a gift for him......I think both and that's not bad.  Last month our 23 years of many ups and downs together was celebrated with a lovely telephone call from Afghanistan, and now my yummy peaches and pears.  Life has mellowed out to only the ups, and he knows he has my heart and soul 100%.

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