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Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Little Road Trip to Hell and Beyond

A memory jogged loose in my head while reading someones post the other day.  It was tucked away, hadn't thought about it for ever, and usually there is a good reason for that...meaning it is much better to let it just stay buried.  But is in my conscience brain now.  I would like to say this is either a good tale or a bad one, depending on which way your mind wonders, but was just pure horror for me at the I guess it is just plain sad.  Happened a few years past my Reno casino days, bank job months, and those Harley times.

On my own and having a hard time making ends meet, I did what no one ever wants to do (even in my time)...moved back in with mom and dad.  It was just me and my cat Michael.  I had moved enough times, and given up pets most of those times, so now I was more than determined to hold on to my cat no matter what.  He had become my anchor in my all too messed up life.

Michael had claws that never retracted, and that drove mom insane with those distressing sounds of claws sticking to carpet every time he took a step.  He wasn't use to mom and dad's place, and some heated words were exchanged with mom when she decided to get rid of him, and kicked him out of the house.  Dad and I followed him all over that yard until we finally coaxed him not to jump over the fence, and I scooped him up tight into my arms just before sunset.  Couldn't trust mom after that...she was always bitching about my Michael, so eventually we had to get out of there.

We will skip past all the in between stuff, and just say, that while I was on my own at that time in my home town in the middle of the desert, I acquired another stray cat and a husband.  Our government place of employment was being contracted out, and I really didn't want to be stuck the rest of my years in that town going when husband and I were offered government employment in Colorado Springs, we jumped at the opportunity to live in a place with trees.

Packed up our belongings into the U-Haul which husband would drive; and my two cats, Michael and Bryon, in their carriers, into the Mustang I would drive.  We hi-tailed it out of there going northeast to Ely and started across Utah, with me following the U-Haul.  Stopped somewhere for the night, don't ask me where, I haven't a clue any more.  It was the beginning of winter, a crap time to be traveling into new territory, and we were plotting how to bypass a winter storm that was off in the distance to the south.

With U-Haul parked at motel, and cats safely hiding under bed, we took the Mustang on our quest to find food for the night.  Arriving back, it was impossible to not notice the U-Haul sitting in a different location, and a semi-truck parked in its place.  We were told the semi-truck driver parked behind us, couldn't get his rig all the way in, so he drove up to the back of our U-Haul and pushed it out of his way with the doors still locked and the brake still set.  Imagine his surprise and our delight when we had him arrested and thrown in jail.  After another day, with U-Haul repaired, we resumed our trip knowing full well that we might no longer be successful in out running that winter storm off in the distance, as we were starting out quite late in the day.

The sun had set, it was miserably cold, and I was discovering that my lights would go on, then off, then on, then off...then off all together.  Somehow I determined that if the inside of car stayed cold the lights would work, if the heater was running they wouldn't work.  The only way I could guarantee the headlights would stay on was to bundled up tight in my winter coat, with knitted hat, scarf and gloves, driving 55 mph after dark with no heat, the two front windows rolled part way down, and two, distressed and perhaps a little bit too cold, cats in carriers in the back seat yowling their heads off none stop.  I drove like this right into that snow know...wind blowing so hard it is snowing sideways, and I was freezing...freaking freezing with those darn, why aren't they hoarse yet, howling, yowling, screeching, freaking cats in the back seat giving my ears and brain no relief.

Couldn't see the U-Haul in front of me, just had to hope it was still there, as this was ancient times before cell phones existed.  Had a rush of exhilarating fright when something huge and white flew across the road right in front of my windshield in all that blowing snow.  I thought it an owl, but I was never quite sure if that's really what it was.  Again, I don't remember where we spent the night, or if we even spent the night anywhere, who knows; I just remember passing into Colorado at daybreak with a snow covered landscape around us.

Colorado traveling wasn't too bad, until dark came upon us, and I discovered that my headlights were not working at all.  Remember, no cell phones - I had no way to tell husband my lights were not working.  I guess the idiot just never figured out, looking in his side view mirrors, the fact that he wasn't ever seeing lights on my car.  If I stopped, I was going to be all by myself, after dark, with snow everywhere, and temperatures below freezing.  I tell you all this, because the string of events that happened next, once set into motion, left me thinking I could not stop, if I ever wanted to survived that night.

We drove over Vail Pass after dark with thick, packed snow on the facing wrong way, sideways, off road, in ditches, whatever, and even a few crazy people standing in middle of road.  The heater's on, since lights don't work anyway, what the hell, heat that sucker up big time.  Mind you, anytime the cats were in the car they were yowling none stop, forever and ever.  Almost at the top of the summit and then one of those I can't believe this is happening to me moments, as the Mustangs accelerator stuck in high idle...meaning you're driving with the break pedal or your car will be cruising 200 mph.  Drove over the summit, no lights on, engine reving up like a plane getting ready to lift off the runway, using break pedal to speed up and slow down, cats screaming, honking horn to scatter people off roadway, and I am slowly in fast motion having a nervous meltdown as I descend on that icy road down the side of the mountain.

Lifetimes later, we finally found flat ground and the end of snow on road.  Tailgated that U-Haul all the way into Denver, and settled into motel room in a state of exhaustion after dinner met with little success in unknotting my mentally and physically contorted body.  Mustang needed repairs, and Colorado Springs would just have to wait.

I didn't realize until several years later, that trip marked the beginning of the end of my marriage, to that piece of shit.  He never forgave me for being so upset at the end of the trip, and whatever I said to him in those moments of hysteria, he held against me for the rest of his time with me.  I was the last one to know that for more than a year he was having a long distance affair...don't you just love friends who choose to leave you in the dark when they know all this is happening?

Worked hours upon hours of overtime, weekdays and weekends, as he refused to leave and I had nothing to survive on my own.  He even had the nerve to make a phone call to his girl friend while I was in the room with him, he expected me to let him have a private conversation...what an ass.   I just sat down beside him listening and making comments, he finally stormed out of house madder then hell.  I was a stinker, it suited me, and he deserved it.

I just couldn't believe that at one time I thought he was my entire world, and that he would love me forever.  You win some and you loose some, and after much thought, I knew I was the winner in loosing this one.  Picked up the pieces and moved on.  I was becoming good at picking up the pieces and moving on.  I seemed to be doing that way too often.


  1. I'm not going to say I'm sorry, cause I don't think you were sorry to see the jackass leave, and what a jackass he was. Besides, after a trip like that with a husband so inept he didn't realize I was having car trouble, they would have arrested me for attempt to kill..him!!!
    I hope things are better for you now. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love visitors! I absolutely LOVE the pictures of the cats along the right side!


  3. Wow Yvonne... you have definitely had a life time of adventure. You have survived many things that others would have ran off screaming into the night. What a strong person you are!

  4. Gee, you had quite a time! You are a survivor, girl!

  5. Sometimes you have to go through the worst to learn who you really are. No doubt you were the winner in that one - no matter how unlikely that may have felt at the time

  6. Yow! What a tale! Its these times of dire stress that make one confront difficult decisions. I have one too. Perhaps I'll write about it someday. So that's your nightmare trip in more detail. Phew. I'm glad you gave the full story - its a cliffhanger and a half!


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