The Gardens - In the Beginning

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sometimes life just doesn't go anywhere at an alarming rate of speed.

She was slightly shocked to see an extremely large cat pan just inside the front door as she entered, and caught the scent of fresh poop lying on top of the litter.  "Oh, sorry about that", Yvonne said matter of factly, "hard to keep up with it all.  Sit down and I'll be right back."  She glanced around at the artistically decorated walls of the living room with amazement, but then she saw the buckled stained carpet and furniture with all those dangling threads of fabric hanging off the shredded arms and backs.  She just shook her head, and thought if she hadn't already known Yvonne, she would have formed a completely different opinion of her.

Sad to say, this is what would greet you if you entered my home today.  There are reasons for it all, there are always reasons, but this is reminiscing, so reasons don't figure in.  Repair persons, upon entering my home, have exclaimed wow! this is really nice, as I try to apologize for the appearance..."you should have seen the last house I was at...this is really wonderful."  I cannot imagine what kind of houses they are talking about...must really be trashed, if they're falling in love with mine.

Last night I was stuffing husbands care package with all those treats he loves and lives without, but its being shipped nowhere today as I'm having to prop my bad leg up and ice it quite a bit.  It feels like it wants to explode right out of my skin, so kind of housebound at the moment with thoughts that don't want to just stay within my brain.  Tossed food from cans on plates as fast as I could for my babies very, very late breakfast; and dismissed the pills altogether which for them is celebration time, for me a slight guilt trip.

Dishes only see the inside of dishwasher after counter is nearly invisible, and once washed they usually live in that washer until it's time for the next batch.  Towels pile up on back bedroom bed at an alarming rate, waiting for a folding and tucking into the hall closet, which never comes until company arrives.  I hate sloppiness, hard to have that all is well feeling when surrounded with crud, but still I've become somewhat of a borderline slob...these tasks being my husband's choices of help and without him I guess I just let them wait.  It takes me until sundown to start my planting projects, and I find myself working into the dark.  I don't like working into the's when all those spiders and other little creepy crawlies come out of hiding and start moving about.

I procrastinate more than I like to admit; old age, old body, old mentality...getting it all done right now at this moment just doesn't seem much of a concern at my stage of the game.   'If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.' -Lin Vutang.  This saying is printed on the far three walls of my dining room centered above the glass sliding doors.  Well...I guess I've certainly learned how to live, cause I spend many a useless weekend afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, and the world's still here, still spinning as usual.

It's 1 pm and I've just finished my breakfast of coffee with cream and Irish oatmeal. Might get dressed if leg permits, and spiffy up the gardens a bit; cause no matter my frame of mind, nature always fills me with all the tonic I need to continue on.  Whether I work or play in the gardens, it refreshes me from head to have a wondrous happy I know I, without a doubt, will.



  1. I came here from It's An Average Life. I browsed through several of your posts and enjoyed them, so you have a new follower. (Even through I vowed I wasn't going to increase my's had to keep up with already!)

  2. Hi, I found you through 'It's an average life'. I really like your photos, so I signed up. I'm looking forward to find out a little bit more about your clipped wings...


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