The Gardens - In the Beginning

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Why is my life always a worse case scenario?

I hate my lousy, crap, crud, junk on wheels car!!!

I'm liberating myself of it's negativity,
that miserable hunk of regret.

Good riddance - au revoir - arrivederci
sayonara - vamoose - poof!!!

Don't waste my time
 with blah! blah!! blah!!!
I need personality, babe,

What...what is that...across the way...
see...I need a closer look...

A cool, sleek, red, red, red,
 spanking brand new,
love of my life, estacy on wheels!!!

I'm married to this new love
 for better or for worse,

My baby's brand new,
and I swear there must be a sign
 somewhere in back that declares, 
hit me, Hit Me, HIT ME!!! 

Cause she's hit from the right,
 crunched big time,
 poor baby, 
repairs take weeks,
wah wah wah boo hoo.

Poor, pooooooor baby...

Next year, she's sideswiped on the right,
 in speeding traffic, by a jalopy
that forgot there was more than one lane.

Poor, poor, pooooooor baby...

Year after that, she's keyed
 front, right, back, and left sides
with some extra flourishes
 of arrows and choice words;
she was a conversation piece for several years,
until restoration funds could be collected.

Poor baby is beginning to look
 a little rough around the edges,
and a bit too ugly for any kind words.

She has leaks that no one seems to be able to fix,
water puddles on the right side floor,
and covers the inside windows
with a layer of moisture,
day, after day, after day, in the winter...

I often wish I could just phase her
right out of my life completely...

Good riddance - au revoir- arrivederci
sayonara - vamoose - poof!!!

but I'm stuck with her till death do us part...
being careful on this one,
as I am none too keen
on it being mine first.

I suck it in...
I deal with it...
Is there anyone out there
who has bought a bridge lately?

She's my #1 source of heartburn,

she drudges on...

and on...

and on.

So......I've become somewhat of a recluse,
venturing no further,
than my own two feet will take me.

Oh! I so long to end this chapter
 in the book of my life...

but, if granted wishes were supplimented by $'s
 under my pillow by the wish fairy,
I'd be the poorest kid on the block.'s just me
 and my ailing Toyota Solara,
and ever,
and ever.

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