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Friday, January 28, 2011

Complicated Pleasures

Simple pleasures...
my original title,
but then,
upon some contemplation,
I'm beginning to realize that simple pleasures
in my life are anything but simple.

No snob with comfort food - if it makes me happy, it finds its way onto my bulging list.  Complications develop though, when my bulging list has me bulging at the seams.  Pig out time verses liver rest time, piously nutritional verses sinfully non-nutritional, guilt trip marathons verses freedom of eating indiscreetly, and on and on and on.  My complex list of simple tasty delights that are lounging in my pantry and fridge this night...two coveted filets of perfection, frozen organic sweet cherries, potato & onion pierogies, extra thickly cut bacon, flavor bursting organic provolone cheese, almond biscotti dipped in bittersweet chocolate, pineapple greek yogurt, sara lee frozen cinnamon rolls, ghirardelli dark chocolate squares, haagen-dazs rum raisin ice cream, and ghirardelli premium double chocolate hot cocoa. 

A simple pleasure I give freely, as thanked people are happy people, and happy people make my life sing.  Complications set in when I so selfishly want to hear some thank you's being freely tossed my way.  Hey...I stitched up a baby quilt for one of my sisters over 40 years ago, and I'm still waiting for that thank you note telling me whether or not she even got that dang thing I slaved over for so many months.  I can count on two fingers the number of times any of my not so crappy gifts have ever been acknowledged by family.  Shame on you all.

Simply put, work wise, I give 100% and I try to take 100%.  Complications set in when people start talking the lingo 110, 115, 120%...come on folks...there's no such thing as doing more than's a mathematical impossibility, an unattainable improvability!!!  If everyone does 100% work, but in reality, when it is compared to my 100%, they are in actuality only doing 80% work, then I suppose it does appear that I do 120%; and I have to admit that I have used this concept quite effectively with my bosses over the years...they seem to always buy into this dorky way of thinking.

These 4,6,8 lane highways give me pleasure in being able to connect a to b in the fastest method possible, BUT navigating these monstrosity structures requires a complicated mind that is capable of thinking and imagining 20 things all at the same time.  I have pet peeves, and pet peeves of pet peeves of freeway calamities, but the irkest of the irkers is being so unfortunately stuck behind a 45 mph poky auto leisurely traveling up the on ramp to merge into 70 mph semitrailer truck traffic.

A very long time ago in a far, far away land, a husband crazily thought he would do better with a different woman from the one that sported his ring and was plummeted left and right with his lies.  Therapy didn't save this marriage worth leaving, but enlightenment to the powers of creative revenge was worth every dollar those sessions sucked right out of my life.  Two simple words that became a complicated concept to put into practice for this little miss goodie two shoes.  Talk about writers block...I had thinkers block, possibly because I needed to feel satisfied, without being found out.  I did manage perfection, I one has ever died from oatmeal raisin cookies containing pulverized dog biscuits, have they?


  1. Wow, Clippedwings, I'll skip the cookies but all the rest in your pantry sounds wonderful!
    I couldn't agree more about the on ramp. Why some people equate slow and cautious with safty is beyound me. That is the same as having an affair, very dangerous, indeed!

  2. Your writing continues to evolve. It feels as though you are diving deeper and deeper within and creating piece that hold insight, depth, humor, and fun. It is exciting to watch you blossom as a writer, and I always look forward to reading whatever your fertile imagination will come up with next.Happy writing.

  3. Oh wow. That is sweet revenge indeed.
    I, too, seem to feel the need of people to express gratitude for what I do for them.
    It's only good manners.

  4. Did you know that I love how you pour your heart and soul out into your posts!

  5. I hear the rage! (Truth is, I feel the rage and it's consuming. I've been working on it otherwise I'll become an old shriveled up woman.)
    My pantry has salt water taffy, tootsie rolls, and caramels. Yours sounds far more sophisticated.
    When I was a quilter, I would tell hubby, "I'm making this one for so and so." He would always talk me out of it by saying, "They will never appreciate the work that went into it." He was right. The $20 store bought item was less of a commitment.
    Note to self: Refuse the homemade cookies.

  6. Stopped by to return the visit...really like what I see (read) and now a follower! Going to check out some more of your blog now!
    We had a white kitty named KiKi- one blue eye and one green eye AND a gray tiger kitty named Jazzy! They were with us for 16 and 14 years and we just loved them!

  7. I read your wonderful post and was about to write my comment when I discovered Davida had said what I wanted to and more succinctly than me, the clever person. You have such a gift for writing. I feel as if I'm floating along your words when I visit here. Have you consider writing a novel?
    I agree with the whole business of saying 'thank you' - two words that can bring happiness. It's not a lot to ask. Which leads me on nicely as to why I came by.I dropped by not only to say hello and catch up on your posts but to thank you for your comment that you left on my blog. I hadn't though of using the rabbit droppings in my garden but I think I'll try them out now. If the entire cast of 'Watership Down' are determined to stay in our garden then they may as well put something back into it. (Mind you they'll probably eat whatever grows!)I shall send Hubby out to scoop up the mess and use it on our borders. We now have plenty what with that and the cow manure.
    Thank you for visiting and think about the have a way with words.

  8. Mmm, stop it with the comfort food, you're making me hungry! :)

  9. A fun post! I giggled about your 'creative revenge' tale. When it comes to snacking, it's crackers and cheese whenever I can! (I'll give the doc bics a miss though! Oh my! My captcha is 'expest' appropriate!

  10. Ditto on the "you really have a knack for writing"....Ineeded to smile today.Thank you once again and have a good week....stay off the interstate...

  11. Clipped - you need a blog award. I think the 'Stylish Blogger Award' would be fitting. Please stop by my blog rockbottom to pick up your award button. =)

  12. I feel exactly the same way about people giving 110%, etc. I'm always thinking, "That's ridiculous." And if everyone keeps talking this way, it looses all meaning to say you're giving your all. Apparantly we can do better than our best.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and my goofy sock post! :-)


    Wow! Did you actually do the dog bone thing? lol

    Did a tour through your site. How on earth do you find the time?
    I tried cross stitching, but never finished the store bought piece I had. Drove me nuts! I tried knitting and crocheting to the same end. My mother was really great at it, but, somehow that never got passed on to me. You are truly gifted and your gift has been recognized, publicly.

    As for the garden. I can't imagine just how much work you have gone to. Yet another gift and this gift has been reconized publicly.

    I read through your ENTIRE garden essay. Again, you are a gifted writer. and, I am surprised that this also has not been recognized publicly. In time, no doubt it will.

    You have been blessed with so many gifts, but I sense that this is just a small glimpse into what is you. Thank you for opening that window. kt

    Also, I agree with Kipp, above, you DO have a stylish blog! kt

    Then there are your essays!


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