The Gardens - In the Beginning

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I was thinking...

I'd been giving the gardens a good soak this last weekend, as all the scattered showers have made a wide detour around my parched grounds that are starting to form those cracks in the earth that water flows into and surprisingly never fills up to overflowing.  Watering the gardens really means watering the entire yard, gardens cover it all; just like a walk to the wild side when one leaves the front or back door.

Andee was racing through the house yowling those horrible yowls of wilderness hunter out for the kill, and Zoe joined in bolting throughout the house with her red fur jingle ball clasped between her teeth.  Dustin was outdoors munching on a bribe of meaty rib bone while his K9 advantix super duper flea and tick killer did a poison number on him.

I had been thinking about my blog, blogging, how it all affects my well being.  I thought 113 follows was an unlucky number, I was misunderstood and demoted to 112, and yesterday to 111, hahaha :(  Loosing follows is life, loosing the comments is deflating.  My original core of commenters is almost extinct now, replaced by new ones that I adore, but I would have liked to have grabbed the whole cake and eaten it too...I would have liked to have kept the older gang along with the newer one...I do want an awful lot, don't I :)

I've been asking myself the reasons I blog in the first place.  It really was on a whim...someone else set me up...I didn't even have a vague clue what it all involved.  I don't think you'll ever learn much reading my posts, I don't print recipes because of copyright laws, there's hardly ever a swear word in any of it, although in person I am just a bit more colorful.  I don't write to improve my writing style (what writing style??? I'm all over the place), to publish a book (wouldn't that be two hoots and a half), or build up the follows to astronomical proportions (whoops...please don't demote me to 110 or 109 just because I'm doing what I've always told myself is death in a post).  It's evolved into telling snippets of my life present and life past, and when I've told enough I'll be gone.  Poof!

Blogging is a time gobbler and swallow me upper in my world.  I'm on my computer way too long, I ignore playtime for myself and pets, I sleep too few hours before the alarm reminds me of the reality that I'm yawning my life away.  Taking into consideration daily chores involving house, yard, pets, and me, commuting, working, evening phone time with husband, and exercising; I have ruffly zero hours for relaxing at the end of my day and that just isn't working for me.  I'm trying to figure out how to approach it all in a sensible way...still trying.  I do have the opportunity of sometimes writing up a post at work (shhhhhhhh...) since I'm a one person office, and I do have the luxury or druggery of slow times each week and absolutely no one to talk with since we're in a blackhole when it comes to cell phone reception.

It's a half hour past bedtime and I have to skedaddle, leaving you in this one sided conversation I'm having of everything and nothing and all that is in-between about my blog, blogging, and how it all affects my well being on this quiet evening.



  1. Well, blogging sure can take up A LOT of time if you let it! And give you repetitive strain injury into the bargain! But it IS nice to catch up with people and those people sometimes turn into friends.

    So . . . is it all worth it? DEFINITELY!

    Hugs, Sandra

  2. I am still a follower of your blog, originally enticed by your garden and I have come to know your cats!...your husband, your youth, Panama and lots more. I feel we have become good friends who have never met.
    I find blogging relaxing, a kind of meditation that allows me to focus my thoughts. I like comments because they offer a direction, some kind of foil to my otherwise shotgun approach to blogging.

  3. Yvonne.... you are in that stage we all go thru with blogging... learn from me my friend, just step away for a bit and come back later. As for your core group disappearing, well, I have to say that has happened to me too... I have new ones, and rarely do I hear from the original group. It's kind of sad, because you become close to them, but I think what happens is that they are so busy with their own blogs, that they don't have time to post comments. Who knows! Write when you like, or don't, but I love your blog and I love you! And you won't find me ever clicking the unfollow button!

  4. I find thinking to be a dangerous pastime. It has never seemed to serve me well. I like reading your blog. For me, I try to do it all and it is wearing me completely out. I'm not sure I should have decided to go back to school. I'm getting too old...(Never thought I'd hear myself say that but everything hurts when I get home...!)

  5. I think you found me and were one of my fiest followers that I didn't know.
    Sometimes it is hard to find time to get anything down. I like reading your posts.
    It is nice to see that follower number go up and not down. But, just because they follow doesn't mean they always read. And some people read and don't follow.

  6. Ah yes Ruth . . . that's very true . . . I'm a reader, but not a follower! I don't "follow" anyone . . . but I have a sidebar full of links of blogs I like to visit which gets updated when a new post is made.

    Hugs, Sandra


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