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Friday, February 17, 2012


It's that time of my life again when husband's driving me bonkers with the television on much of the time, and I'm reluctantly listening to Pawn Stars, Swamp People, Larry the Cable Guy, and Tennessee Pickers...this house not spacious enough to mercifully escape out of ear shot.

Husband's in a look-for-a-job mode, as he's been informed by his employers that they aren't placing him in another job in another area after all, even though they claimed they were...they told him to go on sorry...goodbye.

State worker's rights are going down the drain with the next legislation, so I'll be joining the ranks of most that constantly live in fear of losing their job...whoopee do; and this state seems to be gung-ho on eliminating most jobs and starting all over again from scratch.

When I was young I bounced back over and over again, but I'm joining the ranks of medicarians in less than a month and my bouncing back days have come and gone.  I think I would more likely land with a thud and just lay spring done sprung.

I'm looking old in this world of age discrimination protection not worth the paper it's printed upon.  I'd need a trim and a tuck and a return to blondie dye jobs and a generous dose of light reflecting make up.  I so do not need this!!!  


  1. I can so relate to the constant drone of those shows... my darling husband not only watches them but records them as well. Keep your spirits up, I will keep your husbands job search in my thoughts.

  2. Having been in your shoes, I know the worries and the angst you are feeling. Michael and I lived in our car for 3 1/2 months in 2010. When I lost the job I'd had from after Thanksgiving in 2010 in mid-July of this year (company sold) I went through the fears all over again. It really is hard to keep getting back up when you get knocked down in life so much. When I lost my job, a lady I worked with (who also lost her job of 45+ years and was 75 years old) told me I might want to start coloring my hair if I hoped to get a new job. I did (and regret it now). Michael had lost his job in early July of '10 and didn't start/find another until January of '11. Scary times indeed. In some ways I miss the car days...I know that sounds hard to believe. At any rate, my friend Yvonne, I know that somehow, some way you find ways to cope and to get through it. Unless there are rumblings at work, try not to worry about losing your job before you have to. Hoping your husband finds something sooner rather than later. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Ah, retirement and getting old, it could be the greatest if I were just a lot younger. I shoulda retired at thirty-two! I am really glad your husband is home, safe and sound. He will get over the television watching, it must be nice just to sit and not dodge bullits. Spring is close, the garden will call and we can have fun playing in the dirt.

  4. Your post just hit the spot today! All of it !
    Thanks for sharing. BJ

  5. I understand totally about the TV, when my hubby is home that is all he does- watch TV, drives me totally bonkers!!!! yes, at our age, it is not easy to find a job. Good luck, God bless both of you.

  6. That sucks about the TV shows, your husband's job status, and your worries about your own job.
    My husband hates his job, but it's a job.
    If he ever loses it we will be moving out of state.
    He is getting close to that age where people look at you and think they need someone younger.
    I wish you all the best.

  7. Just hide the tv remote! heehee
    I do feel for you both on the job situation :o( I'll be sending lots of positive thoughts you way x

  8. I hate that you are feeling this way- but I totally understand; ageism is alive and flourishing. When in the world did newer (younger)= better??
    I love my daughter dearly but really the only advantage she would have had over my grandmother would have been stamina...
    and Grams would have beat her hands down with stealth:)
    How did we get so upside down?

    (this is Tracy, from The Dinner Belle- i started a new blog and I thought you might be wondering who the heck is this woman talking as if she is not a stranger:)

    Best of luc on the job front, but I'm glad he's home and safe.


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