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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just Me, Myself, and I

October...the park office is BUSY.
It's just me, myself, and I here today.

Hey people, if I knew everything, I doubt I'd be working here.  Give me a break...cut me some slack...I'll give you whatever you need to know ASAP, even if I have to beg, borrow, or steal from the ends of the earth and beyond. Just give me five minutes, instead of two seconds, to search for that tidbit of knowledge you're uselessly trying to crowbar out of my clueless head.

YES!  If the sign at the entrance says CAMPGROUND FULL, we really are full.  Quit asking!

You know we don't take reservations.  Today is Tuesday. You want to know if we have campsites available this coming weekend.  I'm putting you on hold while I have a seance with my crystal ball.  I'll be back in half a minute.

We have one campsite left.  How far away are you?  Thirty-five miles?  You do realize that someone else could show up in the next five minutes, don't you?  You're at the halfway point and you want me to decide?  (Do I feel lucky?)  I just looked into my crystal ball and the site won't be available by the time you arrive.

Yesterday Lacey felt the urge to climb the metal tower that houses my pots and pans to the very top where Dustin's Trifexis tablet was placed seconds before it was to be popped down his throat.  She ate it!  Panic!  Panic!!  Panic!!! The emergency vet clinics were already closed, the regular vet clinics weren't open yet...we called the company that makes this canine heartworm-fleas-intestinal worms poison, and talked to one of their veterinarians.

The doc figured out she double overdosed for her size...but...since all the ingredients were cat friendly as long as the cat was healthy, and since she hadn't had an allergic reaction it was likely she wouldn't; so, her guess was Lacey should be okay, even though she might be sick for a while.

This company follows up on all accidental poisonings of cats eating their product.  I was told it happens quite often, and all the information gathered from these incidents is helpful research, since they haven't made a product for cats yet. Lacey's case number is 30,154.  That means (before Lacey) 30,153 other cats have tried to commit suicide with this product.  That's mind boggling!  Thankfully Lacey was lethargic for just a few hours, and then she began to perk up and soon became her old self again.  The little twerp...she gave us quite a scare.   

Thursday Lacey will have blood-work done to see if her thinking she's starving frenzies have anything to do with hypo or hyperthyroidism.  Friday Andee will be in surgery to remove a large marble size lump from his right side.  Older cats don't do well with anesthesia, so hopefully he'll be okay.  

Atlas Shrugged Part 2 is playing at the movie theaters, so we found part 1 and watched it tonight.  I'm hooked, so now I'll have to see the next part.  Thinkers, inventors, industrialist, creators, and hard workers become mediocre when the government forces states, businesses, and people to all be in the same $ bracket or be punished. Of course it's more complicated than that.  Part 1 centers around two industrialist who try to go against the government so they can stay in control of their own companies and create work and a flow of goods for others. Good stuff.  

Way past bedtime and too close to getting up time, so good night, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs take a nibble.


  1. Isn't Lacey the kitten you found on your way home from work? Is that here in the top photograph of this post? I'm not sure why but I thought she had more white in her. I hope your older boy kitty comes through his surgery with flying colors. It seems I rarely have enough attention span to watch movies these days. Half hour sitcoms to our long shows seem to be my limit. Of course, on the weekend I love nothing more than a good old movie.

  2. Wow..I'm replying to you from my work computer, so until I figure out what is wrong with my home computer, I'll do it this way. Yes, Lacey is the kitten from work. She has a few patches of white, but she is mostly what the vet calls a washed out calico. She's a calico, but all her colors kind of blend together, sort of like a brindle's colors do. I don't like watching television too much, as it eats up all my spare time. I have an agreement with Vic that he will watch tv less when I am at home, because I cannot concentrate on creating anything with all that loud noise going on until bedtime. Thank you about Andee. He's such a sweet cat...the vet's favorite.

  3. Hope your kitty will be OK.
    My Lacey has a bump on her back, but she doesn't act like it bothers her. She's 13 so we decided to just let it be.
    I didn't know older can't didn't do well with anesthetic.

  4. So hoping beautiful Lacey is okay. Pets are such a worry, yet we can't resist sharing our life with them.

    CJ x

  5. I hope your kitties are doing well. Mo survived having her growth removed, I am sure Andee will do just fine! Sending kitty love their way.


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