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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Addiction to Perfection

200,000!  My competition so far...hahaha.  I'm trying to be a serious writer along with half the world out there.

I have an entry in the Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition, but I'm not holding my breath.  I like living too much.  My first story is an illusive spirit changing its form every time I try to drag it into reality.  The second story was too easy, I thought, but I was wrong.  An addiction to perfection is causing me to edit and re-edit the original until I have convinced myself that it is flawed beyond redemption, and will sink to the bottom of the submission list.  This blob of matter in my head needs a rest from its obsession of perfecting imperfection, but I'm afraid I might have to flush myself down the toilet to accomplish that feat of impossibility. Meanwhile, I'm taking a fiftieth look at my first phantom of a story, so beware - you might never ever hear from me again anytime soon.

All marveled at the lump that was on Andee's side
when removed it was found to be quite green inside
a biopsy was ordered to the tune of 90 buckaroos :(
to see if an alien invasion had occurred in his sleep
no such luck -
he's just a healthy, unwealthy, brain foggy old guy ;)

Lacey's on special supplements to hopefully correct her T cell's counts.

I'm looking for an organization called Pepsiholics Anonymous.  If you happen to know of any near Nashville, PLEASE clue me in.  I haven't had a drink for 75 days that feel like 38 hours each, and every time I walk past a Pepsi display it cry's out my name like a past lover scorned.  Help!    



  1. Oh geez. You are singing to the choir on the perfectionist game. Good luck with that one, Yvonne. Love that photo of you; your hair looks awesome. I like you without the bangs.

    As to Pepsi addiction? Can't help you. I don't drink pop all that often and when I do it is Diet Coke. I will drink iced tea when we go out to eat if they have Pepsi on the menu. At home I drink only iced green tea. We only buy pop when the kids are coming over and since they don't drink diet, I am not tempted.

    Did you get the results of the biopsy? I hope that all is well with both Andy and Lacey.

  2. P. S. Good luck with your entry!! I realize it might be a long shot but at least you gave it a go. You have to start somewhere!

  3. It is a great photo of you- love it.
    Congratulations on submitting- that is wonderful! You inspire me. Your writing is fantastic and I know that you will find success.
    I guess on the editing thing- at some point you just have to call it done. (I suffer from the same problem.)

    I have a Diet Coke addiction that I absolutely will not give up. I've given up most of the other addictions in my life and I draw the line here. Diet Coke- that's my line.

    75 days? Seriously?!! Well- keep at it. You're in this far I think you'll beat it. Soon those 38 hour days will turn into only 30 hour days, I just know it.

    I'm sending healing thought waves. I'll keep you and yours in my get well wishes.

  4. Way to go Clipped!!
    I am sure you will do very well.

  5. If what you submitted is anything like what you write here, they would be fools not to love it!

    What was the result of the biopsy on Andee? Green inside, that is odd!

  6. Thanks for the information on the Osage Orange Tree, I will definitely watch where I try to grow it. One of the websites said only a female tree produces the oranges, maybe I will get a male tree if I only plant one? Have a great day and so glad it was nothing serious with Andee!


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