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Friday, March 28, 2014

Optical Illusion

What to write...




If what is, is what it blog's dead wood being tossed into the fire pit one excruciating piece at a time toasting to a cinder whosoever happens by with my 30 seconds of me.  Some write of blog friends collected, others have a ten mile row of comments after any given post...but alas, I have only been able to occasionally garner acquaintances' twice removed. Whatever dry humor there was of me has shriveled into a little wrinkled clump of expired shelf life unrecognizable bologna.

My thoughtful critiquing, but that's okay.  Suffered the pangs of hardly anyone noticing, and decided to remove those orphaned chapters from my post list to rework for my eyes and a friend's only...a friend who does know how to rehash over an idea until it makes sense from all angles.  I'm here to please myself from this day forward, and this blog had better reflect that.  It's my link with a husband endless miles away across an ocean, and on his way back home, I suppose it will fade into the oblivion of the graveyard of indifference without even a notice in the obituaries.  I can only talk to myself for so long before I'm stuck in the loony toony bin.

Being a perfectionist flunky with an attitude of pessimistic optimism...ah come of those individuals who bitches a bit (don't listen to my husband) ------ one of those individuals who bitches just an eensy weensy teensy little bit, then pulls herself up to the top of the hill and stands tall basking in the eternal warmth of sunshine as a lovely porcelain white dove lifts from the tall blooming magnolia tree with the wings of an angel flying over her head like a delicate fluff of cloud and dumps a load.  But what the heck...I'm washable.  


  1. I know it is none of my business but you do sound a bit depressed. Winter, dark days, solitude, and even our own bodies can do that to us. I hope your hubby gets back safe and sound and the 2 of you can have some quality time. I LOVE the seen packets....maybe you need to get outside and plant some seeds and watch them grow! I am going to start some seeds inside today....way too cold in WI to get out. :-(

  2. Preparing for the garden as spring emerges gets me in the gardening spirit as well. Winter is hanging around a little longer than it should, but there are glimmers of spring today.


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