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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Living the Headache Life

A short little ditty on pain to be specific...headache pain to be more specific.  How does one joke about pain?  I'm lucky about my pain, if pain and luck really can actually co-mingle. I know how to give mine relief, and can manage it into no pain at all with a lot of mind exercising.  Now...when tension causes things to move to places they should never go, I'm out of luck if a bone thumper isn't on the horizon to be found.  Nothing makes that pain go away unless the culprit is pushed back into the place it always should stay, and that kind of glues me to my chiropractor until death do us part.  Mind exercises...what the hell are mind exercises for headache relief?  Attitude adjustments on my life and almost everything attached to it has worked best for me.  Lowering expectations on some things, raising them on others, and a plentiful supply of forgiveness for myself and all that is my world.  Realizing the difference between serious stuff and who cares stuff, a cool sense of humor of everything else in general, and an abundance of acceptance - that word I used to hate with a vengeance, thinking only things negative could be attached to it's meaning.  Headaches evaporate fast some days, other days I guess I just have to savor them for a while before I let them slide into oblivion.

I say I have an I don't care attitude...that's not quite true...I do care, I just learn to not let cares strangle my life into another headache.  I know when to let things in one ear and out the other, to let problems roll off my back, to not dread what hasn't yet come to pass, to not dwell on crap, to give myself some slack, and to be my own best friend, cause loving my person makes me the best authority on what makes her happiest.  Sometimes attitudes are hard to manage, and I have positive reinforcement to put myself back on track.  Sometimes I slip and slide, and have to search for a safe path home.  I've learned to relax, because tension is its opposite.  I plant myself outside in fresh air surrounded with nature's work where bird songs abound, or fill my space with beautiful music and affectionate pets, or watch romantic movies or perhaps a comedy with comfort food in hand, or as I am doing today...I write my cares away, munching on grapes, buttery ripe avocado salted and peppered, and a cup of yummy caffeine coffee with a big plop of cream.  Hey, don't knock it too much...what's crap for you may be pure joy for me.  Headache's much better, or I should say much less.  I'm going to end this little ditty and spend time with my feline and canine pets. 
!Happy Weekend!

Jesse's Postscript

My Second Sweetheart
 16 years of nuzzles and cuddles
best headache chaser ever


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