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Friday, July 30, 2010

Dustin...A Perfect Dog...More or Less

Traffic was backed up on my side of the road, no traffic coming the other way, and I was wondering at what @#%&# time I was going to get home that evening. It was hard enough fidgeting through the work day, which seemed like an eternity, before the magic hour of escape finally arrived. Stop long time...go one car length - stop long time...go one car length - stop long time...go one car length - stop...alright already! Where's the munchies when you need a dull time quencher. Over the rise I could see down the road where traffic was stopped on the opposite side, and some crazy guy chasing a little dog all around the stopped cars. Closer I got I could see the little dog was also crazy, running in and out from under the cars and at times just lying down under the cars. Crazy man threw arms up in air and drove off...crazy little dog stayed under truck in opposite lane. Creeping up alongside that truck, it was clear driver was perplexed as what to do. Crazy cute little dog exited out from under truck onto shoulder of road and I told truck driver if he drove off slowly he might escape without ending a dog's life. Held my breath as he slowly drove on down the road, as I was almost, more than, quite sure dog would be taking a trip to heaven any second. Wow!!! Crazy cute little dog okay, but next car stopped as crazy cute little just-right-size dog stayed sitting on road in front of car. Okaaaaay......remember husband told you no more dogs after last one consumed tons of your time in his old age. If I leave crazy cute little just-right-size dog he will surely eventually end up road kill. We already have three cats and we don't need another pet. I couldn't live with myself always wondering what happened to crazy cute little just-right-size dog. When you retire you cannot afford a bunch of pets. On my way to work tomorrow if crazy cute little just-right-size dog is squished on road I will just die. You already agreed with husband on plan B of no replacement pets, so retirement would be an option......somehow the car door opened, "come on...sttth...sttth...sttth...", crazy cute little just-right-size dog looking at me in rear view mirror from back seat. I'm so going to get killed when I get home.

Six months later and that Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix is still a member of our family. At the time he seemed like the perfect someone from above picked him out especially for me. We discovered he was not on any preventive maintenance, but nothing was wrong with him that couldn't be fixed. And talk about fixed...that happened too. He was great with the cats, and seemed to love everyone which in turn made everyone love him. He was so laid back and, thank the Lord, he appeared to be potty trained. Never mind that he usually ignored the command for him to come to me. He was a perfect little gentleman until husband left from vacation to go back overseas to Iraq and contract work. Then the little Dustin nightmare began...potty time in the house right in front of me. After the seventh episode and freaking out didn't seem to correct anything, it was time for a session with THE DOG COUNSELOR.

D.C. (Dog Counselor) proceeded to re-train me on how to get my home back from a dog who thought it was his home also, to do as he pleased, and it turns out dogs love potty smells...peeeew! After explaining to D.C. that Dustin never seems to have to go potty and when he does finally go potty he must dump a quart of liquid...D.C. proceeded to inform me that he apparently wasn't potty trained correctly by previous owner and that was going to be my immediate task, to potty train him all over again. Aaaaaaaack! Walking around with a dog leashed to your waist extremely limits any activities in a person's life. Explaining that it also was not good that he ignored my commands, I was taught how to train him to sit and to come, and also taught a simple little exercise to get him to always walk beside or behind me, and how to correct him as a dog would...arf! arf! As instructed, I have implemented all I was taught, and in just a week I can see my dog transforming right in front of my eyes into the PERFECT dog.

I love my little Dustin. He looks to me as his protector, and protect him I do. I choose to give him a little more leeway in the house, so we can interact better with each other; as I have realized there is nothing better than watching a movie with a steaming hot cup of English Breakfast tea and Dustin by my side loving his tummy rub. That's a perfect night.

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