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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Look What The Dog Did!

It is a well documented phenomenon among cat keepers that if kitty is deposited into a room as big as a football field with a pair of $250 sandals sitting by themselves surrounded by a vast field of emptiness, kitty will upchuck its hairball right in the center of one of them.

Never has it been recorded since the time kitty was created by an experiment gone terrifically haywire, that kitty at the onset of its sudden urge to regurgitate all that ingested fluff, will rush like a bolt of lightning to that linoleum or tile floor to save its human the agony of retching a hairball themselves while transporting that wad of paper towel soaked through with gunk to the nearest trash receptacle.

Kitty keepers agonize even more over the certainty that if kitty is not going to keep its just consumed vitals contained in its delicate little tummy, they'll be cleaning all that semi-digested tidbits from the upholstered armchair, canister vacuum cleaner controls, stove top burner, sports jacket on bed, half paid bills on table, computer keyboard, dvd player, opened get it.  Kitties love clutter.  Triggered into upchuck mode, a chemical transformation compels kitty to zero in on their humans clutter as a source of comfort when all that retching commences, filling them with a tranquilizing aura of satisfaction.

This was told to me by Zoe, so it must be true.  She says we have only ourselves to blame when kitty loves us so much.  I'm beginning to think she's pulling my leg a bit too much. 


  1. I thought only my wonderful bundles of fur, kitty-chucked on something that is so difficult to clean, you must throw it away. P.S. I love your school photos, if they only made glasses like that I just might give up my contacts!

  2. LOL I love it!! Why oh why do they do that???! Mine will walk over a clean floor to my slippers and then upchuck!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. So funny but true! My little "Hot House Flower's" favorite upchucking place is on the good Turkish carpet. Fortunately the colors camouflage the upchuck!

  4. My kitty always walks in the bedroom and throws up right on the rug on Honeyman's side of the bed. He swears she does it on purpose.
    Maybe she does.

  5. Eva - Thank you.

    "GB" - Sounds like all wonderful kitties are the same. Aren't we a lucky bunch :( I thought those glasses were so cool, and when I look at them now I just cringe, lol.

    Deb - You have a great weekend too.

    Dorothy - We cat keepers learn to camouflage well. Unfortunately or fortunately, however one choses to look at it, cat upchuck doesn't stay on the floor long if my dog finds it...uck!

    Ruth - She must be a mommie's kitty. She knows which side her bread is buttered on :)

  6. That's so funny and right lol if my cat is going to throw up they always get it in or near a shoe or anything on the floor or my rug !!!!

  7. I love this. My little bundles of fur hack the nasty stuff up pretty much anywhere. I even have a super lovely cat that will pee almost everywhere except in the cat box....oh I love those little creatures.

  8. I loved upchuck mode! LOL ... but with a delicious purr, they're forgiven :o)

  9. Ah, the joys of walking barefoot in the dark on the way to the bathroom (prostate problems, dontcha know), only to step smack dab into a pile of cold hairball!
    Eclipsed only by stepping into an equally cold pile of dog poop.
    I think I'll choose hairball.

  10. haha i woudn't know! yes we have kitties but ours are outside! i don't ever see a hairball! But the thing about the sandals and football field was pretty intresting!


  11. My 2 kitties love to eat grass then throw up on my kitchen tiles or the living room carpet with bits of fresh green grass and the rest of their breakfast! Why in the first place they want to munch on they think they are goats or cows?!

  12. Argh, I know, I know!!!! Our house is mostly wood floors. EVERY TIME the cat pukes, guess where it is? Yes, you guessed it. On a rug or on the small amount of carpet that exists. Can't just spray and wipe up. So frustrating!


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