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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Dangers of Reading...Part Five

Fluffo curls up the corners of her mouth as she gets ready to show her fangs.  "Oh, look!" says her human of insignificance to her human of significance, "she's smiling at me.  See, I told you she would eventually like me."  She holds that look until a rough stroke on her back sends her diving headfirst into her underworld of beds.  Hiding in the darkness of folded blankets and stinky pooh piles of man clothes, she licks the fluff around her razor sharp claws, removing the ink stains and paper bits.

She's decided she hates reading...abhors reading...puke-it-all-up loathes reading.  No one could have possibly tried any of that stuff written on those deceptive pages of her humans book one.  She knows.  She's tried them all, and failed miserably to achieve her ultimate feline Zen.  Okay, to be fair...(Fluffo is surprised she didn't choke to death on that brief insane thought)...discovered from her midnight hours of online surfing, she acknowledges a fleeting interest in reading that piece of utter gibberish her human of unpleasant significance thinks her readers find oh-so-clever; especially the posts about the dangers of reading.

Ooommmmm...Ooommmmm...she collects her thoughts, frees her mind, and reluctantly lets go of her anger issues.  Clearly she is perfection more, and her  human of annoying significance is perfection less.  She's perfecting the empowerment of creative revenge her human of irksome significance unknowingly has planted into her psychotic imagination.  Cleverness radiates from her being illuminating her corner of her underworld with a soft glow of satisfaction.

Her human of despicable significance NEVER EVER reads that collection of children's books she adds to year after year.  She'll never discover the licked, scratched, and bit pages between those cutesy covers until Fluffo's misunderstood life has entered the after world...pure perfection, Fluffo thinks...pure perfection.

It's the midnight hour when darkness reigns, when all is silent in sleep, when the eerie glow of that monitor screen illuminates Fluffo's toes tapping lightly on the keyboard to open up Perfection...More or Less.  She's fired up to perfect her techniques of creative revenge, this wondrously effective concept that has her feline Zen bulging at its seams.  Fluffo, Fluffo, Fluffo...perfection most at it again.



  1. I love the drawing! It is perfection itself. You hide your talents...why?

    1. Thank you. I don't think I hide my talent, I just don't do it with my life's workload. Drew this at work on a manila work folder, and you can see I had a lot of trouble with the head. Scanned it at home and reversed the colors in microsoft paint; and perfection, as much as it's going to be.

  2. I love it! And I love how you chose the colors of the drawing too!

  3. I agree, wonderful and perfect.


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