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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday Musings

I'm looking out my office window at silence.  Wind plays with all the layers of tree boughs on the hardwoods and evergreens at the far end of the pond...they look like they are swaying to the music of the heavens.  Eastern Red Cedar dominates the grows everywhere a ray of sunshine touches the earth.  Shrubs hardly exist, over browsed by the many deer that pass back and forth through this small 164 acre park.

The pond is motionless...a pile of flat rocks forming a curved wall, bone dry.  The pump hasn't worked for several months, so it sits there daring you to sit on one of the two wooden benches facing it to watch the algae bubble and toil.  At least I think it still has enough water in it to sustain the mutants it has spawned; after all, it has rained a few of the days these past two months.  I'm counting the minutes until I can rush home to pull another two garbage cans full of weeds before sunset forces me indoors away from all that fun and satisfied fulfillment.

I'm becoming a stranger to my own blog...I'd rather go antiquing, traveling and partying with husband.  I'd rather not pull and whack weeds, prune and saw tree and shrub limbs, raise up sunken pathways, relocate volunteer plants, tuck in newly bought plants, thin out the pond plants, and on and on...but I do; and today I just sit here trying to keep my leg from cramping before it's time to escape one job for another.

Chapter three of my Panama post dried up into the dust of the dry travel log it was, and poofed to the netherworld.  It will reappear whenever I quit dragging my feet, and create something consistent with the first two chapters...I hope; maybe next winter with the removal of warm weather and husband distractions...maybe.  Seconds to go and I'll be speeding over the horizon to grab a shovel and pop two shrubs into the garden before the rains hit tomorrow.  Too bad popping a few shrubs into the ground requires more than the snap of two fingers  :'(


  1. Just spend as much time as you can with your husband, that's all you can do. Blogging should take a backseat to real life, especially if you aren't feeling it.

  2. I'm with you on the stuff I'd rather be doing, which always requires letting going of one thing I like to do to do another. Unfortunately, this past work week has literally cost me a day and a few hours where I gave in to doing nothing at all. Watching t.v. and sleeping. I was (and still am) too fatigued to do anything. I am hoping I can force the energy today to do both sewing and painting. I for one do not care for summers though. Most everything I do involves being indoors so for me the winter months are just simply cozy. I love that word, "cozy."


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