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Sunday, August 18, 2013

No Man's Land

There's a spider in the yard, he-he-he...not even close...a gazillion bazillion spiders in the yard might be a little nearer to the truth of arachnids on the move or just hanging out in these abundant gardens.  Daylight roamers and spinners real estate is visible to the clever eye, and makes head-on and under-foot collisions a seldom occurrence; but those nighttime fly byes on silken threads and the industrialist orb weavers attaching anchors across vast reaches of space and connecting it all, at amazing speed, with many circles of death...mesmerizing!

With flashlight in hand, I watched the creation of such an orb web early one night and again before daylight I watched the same spider take the entire web down and hide under a leaf at the dawn of the new day.  The greatest teacher of life is life itself, and one of the greatest lessons I've learned of this eight legged eight eyed little beastie is STAY OUT OF THE YARD AT NIGHT if you don't relish sharing the territory on your face with it.  It's no man's land out there after the sun sinks below the horizon.

Hibiscus moscheutos
Rose Mallow


  1. I thought I had all the spiders in my yard!

  2. I always feel guilty when I wipe out a spider's web. They work so hard at them.

  3. If only the spiders could catch and eat all the mosquito's
    this year, we are getting eaten alive down here!

  4. I sat with my son when he was 3 for the better part of an hour in the mountains of PA on the front porch of a cabin watching a spider spin a glorious web.
    He still remembers it...He's 19 this year.

    Thank you for taking me back there, if only for a minute.

  5. How cool that you watched the whole scene of the spider. They are truly amazing creatures.

  6. That's the thing about gardens, you never know what can be creeping around, huh? :) I have my best lawn and garden ever this year, but the bugs! Yikes!


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