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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hi! My name is Lacey...

...and I'm a recovering kleptomaniac.


Okay, mommy.

Hi!  My name is Lacey, and I'm trying to be a recovering kleptomaniac.

I'm sorry mommy's eye shadow brush was too hard to find...ya, right.  I felt really, really terrible it took two whole days of crawling around on all fours on all floors before it was found under the linen closet door...thought I hid stuff better than that. 

What, mommy?  Something said under my must be imagining.

Okay, mommy.

I'm sorry your art gum eraser isn't on your desk anymore.  I don't remember, if I misplaced it somewhere...I think it's where I really, really want it to be. 

Who, me, mommy?  Cats don't talk under their breath.  We're not human...thank goodness! 

Poor mommy, so tired and hearing voices.  I'm going to be like a shadow on the wall and a good little girl...playing soccer with those pills you left on the counter. 

Love you, mommy!


  1. LOLOL She is so cute with those gorgeous blue green eyes.

  2. Cats can be ornery, can't they?

  3. She is a beautiful girl! She looks so pettable.


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