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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Head in the Clouds, Feet in the Mud

Rethinking paradise...that's hell's the cat's paradise, my paradise the cat's hell.  The perfection of it all, I guess, is that we're both right and we're both wrong.

Some observations are a dime a dozen, some are priceless; so here goes with the dime a dozen 'cause I'm imperfection at its max today.

Birds eat bugs, ticks, fleas and mosquitoes;


when cat eats bird

cat eats bug, tick, flea, and mosquito pest eliminator (bad cat),

causing human to moan and groan

at the discovery of each demised siting (Bad Cat!),


forcing human to buy excessive amounts

of Frontline and Heartgard for cat (BAD CAT!!!)


by the way...

can I interest you

in the sweetest little tyke

south of the North Pole?

You did say

you can't stand

bird shit,

didn't you?


  1. Oh, I just caught up on all of your certainly are having a time of it with the cats.....and other stressors. I sure hope some calmness comes your way soon! I guess I didn't realize you were in Nashville. We were sooooooo busy there, love it tho!

  2. Look at those gorgeous kitties!! It is the cycle of life, I am afraid.


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