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Saturday, February 21, 2015

The only ice I'm crazy about is laced with lemonade!

Silly me...thought I'd escape my ice prison today. Didn't happen.  A slow drizzle of rain and 42 degrees didn't quite cut it. Clearly, after an apprehensive morning of too many peeking's out the front door and the 2" ice cover behaving as if it were plastic instead of frozen water, I was forced to cough up a more aggressive plan.

Mukluks, wool socks, loose jeans with ends pulled over mukluks to waterproof, thick flannel shirt, insulated raincoat with hood pulled up, and trusty shovel in hand; I began to clear the steps...good girl...then I began to shovel the ice off the sidewalk - ha - ha - ha. Then I began to chop at the ice to break it up and shovel it off the sidewalk - ha - ha - ha. Then I searched through the trusty Home Depot tool box and came up with a hammer and chisel.

Two hours later and my twenty-four foot sidewalk is ice free. Wish I could say the same about the driveway that extends from it...but I can't. I couldn't force myself to hammer and chisel my way down to the street. I'm still not going anywhere, except back into the house to shed all that wet mess and warm up. I can tell you first hand that a raincoat is only meant to shed water for a certain length of time which apparently wasn't the length of time needed to chisel my way to freedom.

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