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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ramblings of a not so perfect Perfectionist


Never quite being satisfied.
The habitual need for complete accuracy.
I know there has to be a much better way of doing that.
As long as I know the mistake is there it will drive me insane.
Anal attitude is often times linked with the obsession of perfect.
Tendency to pull one's own hair out when around imperfection.
The need to fix it, fix it, fix it, until it is no longer fixable.
If it's worth doing at all, it's worth doing perfect.
Obsessive need to correct all stupidity.
Carries aspirin for headaches.

Art is art when we say it's art.
Perfection is achieved when we say it's been achieved.
It's all only a point of view, or gathering points of view.
Perfect and imperfect co-existing this moment...
You have just been handed a personal invitation
to glimpse into the life of a not so perfect
perfectionist at work.
to my world of art and the absence of art.
Click the top of page Arts tab,
and take in a little more of who I truly am.


  1. i love the shape of that first perfectionist poem! it looks like a christmas ornament, which just adds to the flavor of the words. because mine could never look like that & still make sense.

  2. Love the way you shaped your poem!

  3. I went to your arts page. You do beautiful needlework. I haven't the patience or the vision to do anything so precise. I had to come back here to comment, because you don't have the comment option there. I'm impressed that you made McCalls Magazine!

  4. I love the poem. It is like you could be talking about me.
    Great needle work too. I never had the patience to do any of that.

  5. Nice ramblings today, Yvonne! Perfection in what I do is acheived when whatever I do makes you stop. If you walk on by without a glance then I know that I have failed.

  6. It seems like perfection in the imperfection is a common theme this week for many of us. That critical voice that takes over demanding that every thing must be in its right place; everything must come off without a hitch. No tolerance for mistakes. Then we get a little glimpse that there is a certain loveliness and perfection in the mistakes. This is one of your best posts, it says it all.

  7. Holy Talented Woman and famous to boot! Amazing darlin...

  8. I haven't the patience for perfection.
    Loved the picture of the dogs by the way.

  9. I liked that poem. Your needlework is pretty and perfect while still being art!

  10. I have trouble with perfecetoin. But, you've pulled it off! Great job!

  11. ok, third time trying to comment.. No I never give up! Visited your art blog.. what can I say? Your one talented lady.. needlework is perfection personified. I tried that but my brain wouldn't let me stay with it.. Love your writings, they keep me interested to the last word .
    I ramble too, your so much better at it.. !!
    But, I do carry aspirin.. BJ

  12. Thank you all for the wonderful comments! It makes my day, makes my entire week when you all keep reading my posts and commenting!!!

  13. Hubby is a perfectionist but I carry the aspirin :)
    I too want to add my name to those above who love the 'poems' and like Eva I'm very impressed by your wonderful needlework. I would just make a mess of it. I'd start off neatly and then it would turn into a big jumbled up confused nonsense so am admiring of you and your patience.
    I'd also like to thank you for visiting me and commenting on my posts. I don't always get by as quickly as I would like to to thank people but I really appreciate it. It's so nice to come in or get up in the morning and find people have been reading and enjoying what you have written.

  14. As I read your words on perfection, I wondered what you were so perfectionist about. Anyone with multiple pets learns to let go of perfection or die a horrible death. And then, I went to your art page and there I saw it! Perfection! Your work is exceptional.
    I completely understand scraping a project that is no longer "you". Why waste the energy when you can move onto something creative and current.
    And I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment from your drawing class about receiving intense critiques. I think it is very much a motivation squasher and seems to run rampant among those who draw with strict detail to realism. It's just a different mind set. Keep following your instincts.
    Thanks for sharing yet another part of you!


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