The Gardens - In the Beginning

Monday, February 28, 2011

With a Smile...

Iris reticulata 'Ida'

If apples were pears
and peaches were plums
and the rose had a different name.
If tigers were bears
and fingers were thumbs
I'd love you just the same.

-Valentine's Day Songs and Poems


First smile of spring in the gardens -
he's happy whether rain, snow, or shine -
today the wind is giving him a boxing match,
as March refuses to wait another day for her entrance!


  1. Good Morning, my friend, Spring is around the corner!

  2. I hope stonepost is right! It's snowing here --again!

  3. Gorgeous flower! And it goes so nicely with your words.
    I bet you just love spring with everything that goes on in the garden!

  4. That is really beautiful. Good riddance to February I say!

  5. Oh that's gorgeous - what a beautiful color.

  6. I think that the first signs of spring are like the signs of heaven! What a sweet poem and tribute to this glorious season! Thank you for stopping by my blog; I'm now following your delightful blog. Goodness, tell me how many little kitties and puppies that you might have. We have 9 pets in all and love them ALL! Oh, and your garden. . . what a treasure to share with us! I just love it! Have a most beautiful spring day! Roz at la bella vita

  7. Oh what a wonderful sight - a beautiful flower. Here's wishing for a fast Spring to arrive!! (Currently have tons of snow.) Hello. Thank you for stopping by my blog via "Follow Friday 40 and over". I am now following, you - too. Have a super weekend.

  8. P.S. (Oh, and in response to your comment - most definitely, if you ever do need a harness for your little rat terrier mix - just let me I have tons of experience making them as a custom fit and at no extra charge.)

  9. Clipped - that is one handsome flower.
    I am so ready for spring.


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