The Gardens - In the Beginning

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wild Child...She only lets me think I've tamed her.

Antoine De Saint-Exupery, Little Prince

Foamflower 'Pink Brushes'

Half past April
three catalogs left
I'm weary and pooped
hubby's left out of the loop
he thinks my gardening's just fine
as long as I never spend even a dime
packages lining up faster than I can open
back deck's strewn with a zillion baby plants

Jacob's Ladder


Half past June
things aren't right
all my spacious gardens
shrunk twenty sizes too small
half zillion plant infants still mope
puny runts with no hope on back deck
cramming each baby into a one inch square
I hope my jam-packed plots don't choke in despair

Blackhaw Viburnium

Lyre-Leaved Sage 'Purple Knockout'

Half past August
what the bloody hell
watered front and back
half with my pouring sweat
I'm wilted and dragging my feet
gardens thirty times larger than April
a ton of mulch will give welcomed relief
if I can sweet talk my darling dearest husband

Shooting Stars

Species Tulip 'Little Beauty' 

Half past October
denial suits me well
impossible to clean up
all that bird food and shelter
who am I to question authority
and ridicule old mother nature's plan
so I snack on a bowl of cheese onion chili
and curl up in my blankie for a long winter rest

Clematis ochroleuca

Carolina Allspice 'Athens'
ripe honeydew fragrance

A bit of a mess -
Dustin's paradise

Miss Zoe's window perch -
The gardens have her stamp of approval
anytime the bird bath outside her window
is filled with plump tasty birds.


  1. I want a bird bath. My grandma always had one and I thought it was so neat.
    You got it so right.
    When planning and planting a garden it is always just that way.
    Nice pictures.

  2. Ruth- I have four bird baths, and I have to fill them all more than once a day. If you get one, put it in the shade. I'm in love with the concrete ones. You have lots of birds, so if yours is by a window, you'll be watching birds all the time close up.

  3. Great photos and all too real poem! Spring is on it way, yeah!

  4. That was an awesome post Yvonne... and sounds very much like my own gardening endeavours!

  5. stonepost & Average Girl- I guess we're in early spring here...when all the wildflowers in garden are blooming, but the shrubs and trees haven't leafed out much yet. The clocks ticking on getting it all straightened up, and I'm starting to fall behind already as usual, lol.

  6. Miss Zow is beautiful, as are the flower photos.

  7. such pretty pictures! you've got some lovely stuff growing. and my kitty's love a window perch too. those window spots are prime real estate around here!

  8. Beautiful photo's again. I love watching the birds drink from or bath in our bird bath.

    Hugs, Sandra

  9. lovely pictures and great poem!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  10. Beautiful photos! I love hearing about your gardening addiction!

  11. Eva- Zoe thanks you. You're her favorite blogger now.

    Sherilin- Aren't cats purfect, lol. Mine own all my windows.

    Sandra- I love birds at the feeder even better, but I had to put my feeder out-of-commission, as it attracts too many English (house) sparrows, and they are bad news for the bluebirds :(

    Leontien- (love that name!) Thank you so much. Your life stories are always great to read.

    Miss Pam- Gardening rates right up there with cat collecting, lol. They both leave me poor, wear me out, and put a smile on my face!

  12. new follower....Follow Friday 40 & Over stop by for a visit

    beautiful flowers, cats & dogs pics!

  13. Beautiful pictures!

    I just found your blog through the Boost My Blog Friday Hop! Have a great weekend!

    Amanda @

  14. I am a new follower from Boost your Blog Friday Hop. Please visit and follow me back at

    Thanks for your time. ;-) Have a great weekend

  15. I love that Miss Zoe! I want to kiss her on the head!

  16. I loved this post! great poem...and your photos are wonderful! Thanks for linking in this week...I hope you will again soon

  17. I love that poem. Especially how the gardens became 30 times larger in August, and watering with one's own sweat. I laughed.

  18. I loved your poem. My gardens shrink come summer too. Right now, they are vast empty expanses with just a few perennials poking through.

  19. Beautiful flowers! I especially like the pink/red flowers. But my favorite picture of all is your cat!

  20. Shanimals- she is a cutie! Flower is an old fashioned little tulip.

  21. Such a lovely gardener's poem! Spring has shown its head and your garden is basking in it and showing how grateful she is...lovely blooms! You have a cute black cat keeping you company by the window!

  22. CW- I'm sending you a message from Maundering Mutterer! She writes: "Can I ask you a huge favour? I've been trying for yonks to comment on 'Clipped Wing's' blog, but for some reason it just doesn't work. Tell her I still love her blog but can't say 'Hi'? Please, pretty please!"

  23. Hi
    Visiting your blog party first time.

    I am a gardener and like your garden but the animals are distracting a good way.

    Do the dogs & cats get a long? Have you ever had a high IQ pet?

    Misty's expression is so cute!



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