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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ms. PAMO and Zoe

Thanks to PAMO's brave jump into her world of poetry, I decided to take on the challenge of creating a SIMPLE cartoon.  Went with whatever popped into my cluttered noggin, and cats seem to be a permanent part of my mentality.  Used my graphite pencil too firmly against paper, so the ghost lines seem to not be poofing away any time sooner or later :(  Decided to quit playing with it, and just post the dang thing.  I already have an idea for a more complicated second drawing of Miss Zoe, as she's the one with the most demented versatile personality of my three fuzzy misfits.  After I find a larger eraser, I'm settling in to see if this was just a one night stand, or if another drawing will manifest itself before next Christmas.  Wish me luck, break a leg, or whatever.


  1. I love it >^. .^< I'm also having better luck posting comments from my phone woohoo! Let that creativity roll!

  2. It's fabulous!!! I love, love, love it!!! You absolutely MUST continue in this format. Take it from me- it's fun! You draw great by the way. Thanks for the mention too.

    Keep 'em coming!!!!!

  3. Oh, that is both cute and disturbing, which are two of my favorite possibilities.

    And speaking of bacon donuts :-) how far are you from Chattanooga? Looks like Julie Darling Donuts has a pancake and bacon donut. :-)

  4. Such talent!

    I wouldn't want it to look any different than it does.
    It is uniquely YOU!


  5. @Pearl-OMG! Have you tried the key lime from Julie Darling? Sorry Mom, the pancake and bacon wasn't one of my fav's :( but the 'nana pudding and coconut was good :)

  6. I like to draw an occasional cartoon but yours is far superior to anything I can draw. Apparently, a ruler is best for making straight lines. Who knew?

  7. I'm late with all these comments, but here goes:

    Ms. Pam - I plan to give you a run for your money, lol. Hopefully, I won't fall flat on my face.

    So Not Normal - LOL...hi sweetie.

    Ruth and Eva - Thank you both.

    Pearl - I do make the trip to Chattanooga to visit someone, so I'll be checking out donuts that I need like another cat in the household, lol.

    KT - Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wonder what Toby would say?

    Al - Stick people can be funny. It's all in the conversations they have, and yours would be terribly funny, or funny and terrible, lol.

  8. Clipped - so many hidden talents you have. Stories, poems, needle point(?), now drawing skills!!
    I am so jealous of the stories and the drawing skills. =)

  9. Kipp - You just made my evening with your wonderful comment. Personally, I think your writing skills rock!

  10. I love your drawing of Zoe! And who's the new 'face' in the house?

  11. Dan - A wonderful comment from such a talented person. Thank you.

    Kara - Just made up. No real new face yet :)

  12. Since cats are my favorite people, you know I love this... I've been awol.. but who cares? lol! BJ


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