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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aw...come on...she's such a sweetie.

What was that?
Why did I close the bathroom door behind us? know how dogs are...
it's just to keep that bad dog out. thought it was to protect the dog?
Protect him from what?

Such a sweetie.
I swear she has your name written all over her.

She's so perfect for you.
Look...she's even smiling at you.

What's that you say?
These five bandages taped to my left hand?

I hit myself five times with a hammer...
I'm such a klutz.

Oh, come on...she's just bored.
Why would you think she was sizing you up for the kill?

Oh...the toilet.
Let me explain...
Just ran out of storage space, that's all.

You thought it had something to do with the kitty?

Just look at that sweet face...
I swear that little darling's falling in love with you.

A growl?  Not a growl...just her quirky purring.
She already thinks she's your little sweetheart.


I still have my little kitty, although I do have the bandages on my hand from the kitty bites when she went skitzo with the pain after the shock of her ordeal began to wear to preserve the rest of my limbs, she's on pain medication; although it doesn't sedate her as I had hoped.

She began hiding behind the toilet making pill popping impossible, and the need to be able to put her in the carrier on Friday when she goes in to be stitched up was giving me nothing but stress; sooooo...I eased her out of her hiding place by removing the over toilet shelving, then stacking kitty litter bags in the empty spaces and used a cardboard box to gently ease her out of her safe-from-mommy space.  She finally laid on the towel I put down allowing me to pull it out with her on it and plugging up the rest of the area around the toilet with cardboard boxes, litter bags and bath towels.

She made a wobbly escape to the only safe place left...her carrier.  And to think, for a while I thought I was up against an impossible quest.  Sometimes it pays to keep coming up with alternatives until the right one finally pops into ones head.


  1. Oh bless - you big old meany!! :-)

  2. Oh that "Sucker" cat made me laugh right out loud. I just hope the doc can fix her up good as new. Poor scared baby...

  3. I just got on here and caught up with your posts.
    You have been a very busy lady and thank you for your kindness to animals... I know we are the kind who would not be any other way... hope the new kitty will be alright.. yes, I would have done the same... BJ

  4. sometimes they are so rotten when we're doing our best to take care of them.

  5. Awwww- shes just freaking out because she is in pain- maybe she was feral?
    I found a beautiful tuxedo cat (actually he found me) years ago on a holiday weekend in W.VA., took him to the vets and 350.00 later he was all mine- minus his nuts, his left himd leg, and his tail.
    He was completely horrible for the two weeks I had to keep him confined and away from the dogs and still. An amputation, all the way up past the hip, is nothing to treat lightly.
    I didnt think I was gonna keep him- his beahvior was atrocious.

    13 long wonderful years later, I laid my friend Hank to rest...I miss him still.
    Give her time-


  6. Goodness, I do hope you are okay! She is scared and does not know you mean well. She will come around in time, my youngest bit me when she was still new and turned into my biggest fan. Wishing you and her a quick recovery.

  7. Cats! I have rags stuffed all under my entertainment center so she won't crawl under there. I used to have to place plastic bags all over under the Christmas tree so Lacey would not play with ornaments or take them off. Now, she likes bags so that doesn't work.

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    Life Full of Laughter


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