The Gardens - In the Beginning

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Living on Empty

             A bit of whimsy...nothing more...nothing less...

            *Perfection...More or Less*
            Doesn't that sound a bit,
            Perfection more,
            perfection less...
            kind of like no perfection at all.
            You know...
            Just saying...

            I have absolutely nothing on my mind,
            on my second glass of wine,
            a blank slate,
            and it's way too late
            to hope
            I'll find salvation
            from this idiotic post.
            Good grief...

            I'm off to beddie bye time.
            Sleep tight...sleep tight?
            What does that, rated one step
            above imbecilic, phrase imply?
            Is it being duct taped to the mattress pad?
            Mummified in the bed sheets?
            All curled up into a tight little wad?
            Dead to the world and bed bug bites?
            Why am I doing this?

            Why can't I just go to sleep?
            Deep-deep-deep sleep,
            O bloody zooks...
            not that same nightmare again!


  1. hahahaha! Hope you slept well. I like the poem!

  2. Funny you mentioned bed bugs; I actually got up to see if I had them I was so itchy! I didn't, thankfully!

  3. Keep your eye shut... tight?
    Great bottom picture.

  4. Sleep tight, I thought that was from the rope beds... you pulled them tight? Hope you were able to get some sleep!

  5. "GB" - It originally is from the rope beds, but no one has rope beds least, I don't think anyone out there has a rope bed. If one of you does, you have my sincere condolences ;)

  6. Like your poem, and always like your 'whimsy'
    yes, it's good for my heart whenever I visit you.... hugs, BJ

  7. Still stuck in a funk, eh? Your poetry isn't!

  8. I'm thinking of another oxymoron type phrase: melancholy whimsy. You are rocking the melancholy whimsy.


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