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Sunday, January 12, 2014

...end of the road?

A walk at work on an icy grey day.

Do you believe hundreds of ways of looking at stuff, whether tangible or conceptual exists?  What percentage of these multiple perspectives actually winds up not thrusting their owners into the abyss of dead ends?

Own best friend; own worst enemy...take your pick; it's all a matter of choice what we hand-select for ourselves.  I believe I'm exactly where I should be.  Plenty of amazing and terrible decisions over a lifetime and here I am.

Do I thrive where I'm at today?  Well, let's just say I'm exactly where I put myself and I have two avenues left...kick myself black and blue, or look up at that star in the heavens and reach for it.  Kick-Me-Thons are overrated, but reaching for a star is really an impossibility all you motivational people out there.

With complacency under my feet and beyond-the-bounds-of-possibility above my head, I've stuck myself between a rock and a hard place quite nicely.  If I can elevate myself a little bit higher from the rock and a little bit closer to the hard place.......

I'm going to take a little nap, and think further on this conundrum later.


  1. I can plant myself firmly in your camp. That said, head banging on a non-moving wall does nothing but give me a headache. The only answer? Quit thinking on the least for a little while.

  2. Sometimes you just have to wear boots!

  3. Life is full of so many hard choices....we do the best we can at the time. Making any decision is harder than doing nothing. In the meantime take a break and look on the bright side.

  4. I think we know the answers but don't want to face the decisions, sometimes. Just follow your heart.


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