The Gardens - In the Beginning

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ninety & Rising...Red-Hot Gardens

Doggie Poo!  What a lame title.
How could there be 90 cats in 
the gardens?

Maybe mommy's topsy turvy today.


A day of no rain :)

and sizzling temperatures :(


Plants and concrete :(


Claw Scratches on Piglet

Purrr...this altered pig is the next best thing to us!

Missed the boat as in a late fall frost date
is all that remains.

Moon and Stars Watermelon

Oh, Pleaseee...

Charentais Melon

Sun Gold Tomato

Old-Fashion Fragrant Petunias

 You don't, dorky cat.  We're just photos on a post.  You aren't ever going to be able to do anything except look.


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