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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Dangers of Reading - Part 1 & 2

Fluffo had grown weary of the dreary confinements of her owner's humble abode.  Years of reading about the adventures and misadventures of dogs, mice, and men cemented her determination to explore the world beyond the front window.  Her head began to fill with plans to shred every possible inch of Victor's bed in hopes of compelling him to eject her out the front door into that cruel, cruel world of freedom.  She allowed Victor to pet her just enough to keep her on his good side, and beneath that cool, sweet exterior her head raced with lethal plans she would implement at the moment of escape.  Meanwhile, she would check out the other books of death, mayhem, and destruction in Victor's bedroom bookcase.  She now called herself Commando Fluffo, queen of the house of Victor.

- As told to Yvonne by Zoe the cat - 

The Dangers of Reading - Part 2

A shadow in the labyrinths of the underworld of human beds, psychotic Commando Fluffo festers with delusions of persecution, brain nearly fried with multiple conspiracy theories concocted from a slow descent into the dark realm of mayhem, treachery, and war that lives on the pages of Victor's library of darkness.  Not near normal or abnormal is Fluffo's reality these days.  The mental anguish and humiliation...the bed humans' covert skirmishes of entrapment to drown her and choke her to death on pills and eyedroppers of liquid torture...they will pay dearly.  Licking with a vengeance, ingesting loads and loads of fur, Christmas morning the floors will reek of hairball nightmare, the oozy stuff squishing up between human toes with every foot step.  Perfecting a torture technique to perfection, Commando Fluffo calculates how many seconds it is possible to fend hacking up on human bed, then hurling all, and escaping human clutches at the last second.  Commando Fluffo is glowing in a new feeling of warmth and satisfaction, tingling from nose to tail tip...happiness.  Let the games begin!

- told to Yvonne by Zoe the cat -
- Andee has ratted Zoe out, claiming Fluffo is her alias name.

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  1. I love where this is going....mayem! love it!
    The cat photos are great.


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