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Monday, December 13, 2010

My Christmas Memories...

So much fun when you have family
to share the experience with.
Spent the holiday a later year 
with Mom and Dad trying to relive a little
 of the magic of childhood memories.
Not quite the same, but a lot of fun trying. 
And the magical December
when Sonya, Chris, Tanya, Faydra, Vic and I
had Christmas in our Tennessee home
will hold a special place in my heart forever.
Crackling fire burning most of the day
and night in the fireplace, lots of munchies,
everything decorated up for the holidays,
great dinner, good movie to watch
and lots of conversations.
I couldn't ask for things any better than that.

Always working the holidays when Reno was home,
my present to family was two Christmas'...mine,
celebrated on my days off and theirs, celebrated
on the 25th.  What energy I had back then.
I would bake most of the decorations that went on
that big tree.  Those cute gingerbread men
with their legs and arms bent different
ways before being baked,
 3 raisins on their chests for buttons,
and different facial expressions out of icing.
Their legs and arms became shorter
over time from nibbling cats.
Snowballs (wonderful popcorn ball recipe
with sweetened condensed can milk)
decorated with braids, cords and ribbons,
star cookies, loads of candy canes
and those little sparkly lights...
such magical trees for me.
Decorating the living room like
Christmas was invented there,
made from scratch Christmas breakfast
and Christmas dinner...Sonya and her husband,
Chris (just a baby), Ron, Roger, Mom and Dad
would all be there.
  Those were such great Christmas' for me.

I was made for Christmas.
From the time I knew what Christmas was
until today, no one can suppress the spirit of Christmas
I feel.  Grew up creating new decorations and eats
every year for the holiday.  I had so much fun
with Dad decorating the home.  Such special moments
stay in my heart forever.
And the one year Mom and Dad so graciously
allowed me to have my own decorated
Christmas tree in my bedroom...I just had to have
my very own tree that was all mine. 
After sifting that shredded plastic snow
all through the branches,
it was enchanting.
Growing up...such crazy and fun times.

So much fun when you have family
to share the experience with.

My Christmas thoughts...
April 2006


  1. What a beautiful post! and the photos are excellent!

  2. So agree with Eva... I love my Christmases of the past too!

  3. nice words, nice images , nice Nativity.


    Roll on Christmas

  4. I like Christmas too. I know its fashionable not to, but I do. Love the festive pictures!


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