The Gardens - In the Beginning

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside!

Brrrrrrrrr...28 degree high today...low tonight 18 degrees
Winds 20 - 30 mph
More snow tonight...beginning to stick to the roads.

Tomorrow...19 degrees high...low 8 degrees tomorrow night
Winds 15 - 25 mph

The south isn't always toasty warm.
9 more days until the first day of winter.

Mommy...let me in!!!

A touch of color just before the storm.
Wild roses glow in the cold of winter.

Vacation with husband totally rocked.
 He had to return to Afghanistan to rest up.
I cried as he flew away from me for another 6 months.

Was still sick through first half of vacation,
but that didn't slow me down any.
Jesse got sick and that slowed me down much.
I'm still giving him fluids and medication
to see if he can cheat death for a while longer.
Bummer growing old, even for a cat.

Computer was going haywire again for the umpteenth time,
so it was shipped off for repairs,
as I suffered withdrawal symptoms
 with such an abrupt break from blogging.

Missed you all...
hope I was missed a tiny bit.
Thank you, my fourteen loyal followers,
for not bailing out on me.
Great to be back.


  1. Glad you had a great time; praying for your man's safe return to you.

  2. Yea!!!!!!! You are back and why would we leave you anyways? Glad you had a good vacation sorry your hubby has gone away. Sorry that your kitty is sick... But did I mention that I am so glad you are back!!!


  3. Yahoo! Glad you're back. Glad your holiday was great too. Snow pics: like another world to sub-tropical me basking in summer. Farenheit temps sound so 'warm', but I can see they aren't! Sorry about kitty, hope he pulls through with your loving care.


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