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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Trouble with Terriers - Part 2

Terriers...trouble?...well wash my mouth out with soap, tar and feather me, put me on the bad person bad person list...let's just say MY troubled terrier is a lot of trouble.  A formidable pain in the patootie, an etiquette nightmare, a hooked-on-poop rehab flunky, and according to the feline trio, an all-time despicably crass room mate.  Biggest problem is that he is so darn cute and lovable, his personal trainer, vet clinic staff, visitors, everyone who sets eyes upon him lets him jump all over them...they even encourage it. 

he's not allowed...
he's not allowed...
he's not allowed!
People training is one big pain in the derriere!

And since I brought up the words - vet clinic - his last visit had the staff preening all over him, gently removing the scabs on his lower lip caused by food allergies.  As they were discussing what direction to pursue next he proceeded to gobble up his scabs, much to every one's horror...ha ha ha!  

This terrier is one gigantic barkaholic of a pooch.  He barks at the roofers three houses over, at the dog in his yard across the street, at the lady two houses down checking her mailbox, at people walking their dogs on the street, at people walking themselves on the street.  Living near an intersection, on a clear day it seems like he can see forever in any of the three directions...bark, bark, barka, bark, bark, bark, bark, baaaaaark, baaaaaak, bark, bark, bark!!!

A fantastic two hour session with the suck all your money right out of your wallet in no time flat dog whisperer had taught me to use the poke with finger trick accompanied with loud obnoxious gruff word to correct this breach of dog, he=baby dog.  This method was not working worth a darn on this stubborn little ball of zeal after dog whisperer left.

Someone clued me in to another dog whisperers take on correcting a French bull dog who seemed to be worse than a terrier when it comes to tenacity.  He proceeded to flip it over on its back, kung fu doggie down move, then did the correction.  Wow!!!  I can tell you first hand this method is brilliant and really works!  

Christmas company spoiled this opportunistic little terrier shamelessly.  He was kissed, hugged, coddled, babied, squeezed in embraces of love, sat on laps, laid on chests, what a racket this little devil with four footsies had going.  At some point before the morning after Christmas breakfast, he evidently was beginning to feel all restrictions had vanished and anything was up for grabs.

Breakfast finished, table cleared, remaining part of the Quiche Lorraine sitting on counter waiting to be removed to smaller dish and whisked off to the fridge - that little bag of glee decided if Jesse's cat step furniture was good enough for Jesse, then it was good enough for him.  He was caught on the top step delicately munching away on the remains of the quiche.

When caught in the act, I just know that underneath that exterior guise of bewilderment was an inner workings of cool perplexity solely thinking -   
"Oh crap, I should have ate faster!"



  1. What a great post! I laughed through out. Such a sweetie.
    I've tried for years to train my husband but it is of no use. He remains untrained and our dogs rule the house.
    You sound like a great pooch mom with a terrific perspective.
    Love your writing!

  2. Awwww just look at all that cuteness! Nothing like a sweet pooch to soften a guy up. Or is it a soft guy that spoils the pooch...

  3. it's hard to be tough on the cute ones, isn't it? so not fair! and that goes for kids too. and some days, it's a good thing they're cute or we could really get mad!

  4. Hello! I’ve dropped by from ‘the best posts of the week’. What an absolute sweetie and a great post. I browsed around your blog too and laughed at your sidebar cartoon pictures. Always love to meet people with a sense of humour. Consequently I have added myself as a follower.
    Please drop by and maybe follow me if you too fancy a laugh. I'd be delighted to welcome you.
    Warm wishes
    Carol from

  5. That's funny. I love that he ate the scabs!

  6. I was chuckling right along until the "...kung fu doggie down move and then did 'the correction'". Took me a few to recover and keep reading after that.


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