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Friday, May 20, 2011

Manic Gardeners Anonymous

'Cardinal de Richelieu' Gallica Rose

Carolina Rose

'Dusky Challenger' Bearded Iris

'Cinnamon Girl' Bearded Iris

'Purple Smoke' Indigo

'Far Corners' Bearded Iris

Clematis integrifolia durandi

'Victoria Falls' Bearded Iris

'Walter Ingwersen' Geranium

'Silverado' Bearded Iris

Clematis viticella 'Venosa Violette'

'Frans Hals' Dutch Iris

Clematis 'Walenburg'

Copper Iris

Water Hawthorne

Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid'

Daisy Fleabane

Virginia Sweetspire 'Saturnalia'

Coral Bells

Clematis glaucophylla - Leather Flower

Gray Sedge

Clamatis viticella 'Hanna'

Hearts-a-bustin bush (Euonymus americanus)

Lyre-Leaf Sage

Clematis 'Madam Julia Correvon'

Clematis viticella 'Etoil Violette'

Clematis 'Chatsworth'


  1. WOW - FAB pictures as usual! That purple bearded iris and the Silverado are my faves. They are just so stunning.

    You can keep the little critters at the end though!

    Hugs, Sandra

  2. Gorgeous, as always! The pics of your dog were adorable! And cicadas give me the shivers and bring back memories. My brother used to throw the shells at me!

  3. Your garden is beautiful and your photographs are too! Your puppy is adorable and I must say I've never seen so many cicadas on on plant...ever! Wow!
    Visiting from Fertilizer Friday...hope your weekend is wonderful!

  4. I just found your blog and really enjoyed the flower photos, especially all of the clematis (s)...clemati (?) clemmies (?)...sorry don't know the plural...anyway all very well done and especially enjoyed photos of pets and the very appropriate quotations. I will follow you!

  5. What a unigue post. Lovely photos!

  6. You have an amazing collection of clematis and iris. So many blooms to enjoy. I hate bugs and this would have bothered me.

  7. Hi Yvonne love the pics ,, iris' and all the others , even the cidadas .. I;ve been AWOL doing the website and glad I came on here today, For relaxation tomorrow, I would love to try and paint the iris from your photos, with your permission of course. BJ

  8. Something is up when I try to scroll through my posts and it takes many minutes to go through one post. Frustrating! Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I love them all. Thank you to my newest follower. I hope you'll enjoy the variety of subjects here. Since I garden for wildlife I love insects and live with many in the gardens, but the constant sharp humming of these smaller cicadas all day long is hard to ignor as I prune and trim my jungle. Hear them when I'm in the house, too. Darkness is such a welcome relief from all those thousands of vibrating bodies. Barbra Joan...I'd love to have you paint anything you want from my photos. I enjoy your talent very much.

  9. Your flowers are amazing! I love your iris - thanks for sharing - paula from Idaho

  10. Clipped - its been a while since I have visited and for that I apologize. We have been very busy visiting family and the sort.
    On a trip to St. Louis a few years ago we visited the botanical gardens...I took several pictures of the iris' before I knew what they were because they just lured me in.
    Believe it or not I was just playing golf about a week ago where the cicadas were mating. At least that is the story we got from the course marshal. "They show up every 13 years to have sex and die." My buddy responded - "they must all be married."
    The humming noise surrounded us everywhere we went over the golf course. It was so cool. We felt a little naughty interrupting their "play" time, but it was cool none the less.

  11. Wow. There is so much to absorb here. I especially love the Gallica Rose, the eggshells and the closeups of the insects. I am amazed by the details and beauty. I found you through Best Posts of the Week. So happy that I did! -Lola

  12. Oh, I LOVE that first quote! So appropriate, given your wonderful photos! Irises are my personal favourites!

    Have a magnificent day!!

  13. Beautiful gardens!
    eww, never seen cicadas before.
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Wow! This is all in your garden?! It is magnificent! You are an amazing gardener. I find the Pollan quote quite interesting. I paint, I think, because I would kill anything I plant! lol.

  15. What Garden Center did they get that car in? I want one for my garden too :-) You do have a somewhat impressive eye with that camera

  16. WOW WEE!!!!!!!! I don't know which flowers I like the I will say I LOVE them ALL!!! What fabulous photos! (except for the bugs...I'm not a fan of bugs!!!)
    Have a fun day.

  17. I never knew there were so many different Irises. My mom always had the yellow kind and that was it.
    All the pictures are good. I hate ALL bugs, but you did a good job getting photos of them too.

  18. I gave you an award.
    Come on over and pick it up.
    welcome to me

  19. Oh thanks so much for the permission... (to paint) .. also I left a comment for you on my last post.. about the website...but in short , no I have no place for sales as yet on there .. but anyone interested can just do the contact thing. .. my contact messages come straight to my email anyway.
    With all your flowers here it has set a fire under my a$$ cause I've been in a slump with the website work, and just plain procrastinating... hugs, BJ

  20. Love your pictures, I want flowers and bugs like that! Smiles.


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