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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This and That and a Little Inbetween

Age increasing towards extinction is sucking money up faster than water swirling down a flushed commode (do people still use that word?).  Today I counted the number of bottles of vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants I choke to death on every day to postpone decrepitude.
Some I take just every other day, so I don't involuntarily upchuck them from my body.  Others I take multiples of everyday, so my arthritis, creaky knees, plugged sinuses, failing eyesight, and gaseous aftermaths don't do me in prematurely.

I have a prescription steroid cream that I apply to my legs just until the crusty red blotches fade away, then I'm to stop until blotches return, cause I think a steroid cream with an unpronounceable name that sounds like some sort of gooey plastic by-product, isn't all that good for me.  I have a prescription steroid nasal spray, that works wonders, but again I'm wondering if shooting stuff up my nose with an unpronounceable name that sounds like stomach flu crap upchuck is in the long run causing more harm than good.  I'll be adding back the pills to my mountainous heap I already have, to hopefully give myself steroid free healthy sinus breathability.  I know what they are, just thought I could take a short cut; but I'm becoming a steroid freaky, and hey!...what difference is a few more bucks going to make in my rapidly increasing descent towards a moth breeding purse. Adding healthy hyalurenic acid, frees me of steroids completely, and frees my purse of the additional burden of paper waste, sooooo...que sera sera, asi es la vida, such is life...oucheee!

Pets aging,

home aging,

spouse aging,

on and on and on and on and golden years are morphing into a nightmare of desperation.  The real definition of "The Golden Years":  your cost in gold for staying foggy free, mobile, off the street, and undeceased.

Wisdom for the older age borderline ancients - also works well with the younger ditsy dew diddly people you know:
  • Doing what you hate produces migraines
  • Choosing with no regrets ain't bad
  • Playing with reckless abandon will give you a smile and maybe jail time
  • Covering up mistakes gives you the aura of wisdom
  • Walking to the edge, then falling off ain't what it's all about
  • Listen takes good memory to remember when to pull the parachute cord
  • Laughing for no good reason can pave the way to the loony bin
  • Practicing wellness might keep your brain foggy free
  • Living with intention does not mean the ones that pave that road to hell
  • Continuing to learn is non-essential if you like living with a lot of old folks
  • If you want to get away with murder, your friends have to appreciate you
  • Remembering the rules comes in handy so you know how to break them properly

Amazing how a smiley face and a slightly out of focus photo can transfix the ancient to just old age.

One mile wide Mississippi River changing to three miles wide in Memphis and still rising, has sent me scrambling at the last minute to miraculously poof into existence an alternative away-from-home experience.  When asked why I was cancelling my Mud Island Resort stay, I was wondering if they had looked out their hotel windows any time lately.  Black Walnut Bed and Breakfast rolls off the tongue like marbles in a sludge pond, but hey...the food looks decadent, the little suite looks fantastic, and the Biltmore has been added to our agenda.  I so deserve much pampering with my second vacation in only 23 years.


I'll sleep tucked in quite tight...
won't let any of those bad bed bugs bite;
but dang it, I'll not wake all sunshiny bright -
 Mr. Mockingbird's singing away my entire night.


  1. I love your wisdoms.
    Try and stay dry.

  2. I am going to take all those words of wisdom and run to the high dry country!!

    You gorgeous thing with your beautiful soft wonderful face!

    My pretty pretty friend Yvonne!

    Keep dry and safe! xxoo


  3. Ruth - It never floods where our home is located, but sometimes it feels as if the rains are trying to wash the gardens right down the street.

    Tracy - Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. You always make me feel special. Love u.

  4. Hi there Clipped Wings . . . very interesting post here! You never fail to amuse/inspire.

    Thank you for the lovely comments you leave me . . . especially the most recent. Bless ya!

    Hugs, Sandra x

  5. Decrepitude - I find a way to use this word, I love it. Your words of wisdom are spot on, I truly enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Yvonne, the photo of you is lovely! You enjoy life and you are managing just fine.
    I'm glad you are getting to take a vacation. It's been much, much too long.
    Yes, the Mississippi River isn't a prime vacation spot right now. Good call! Enjoy Biltmore.

  7. Amusing -- and good advice. :-)


  8. just checking in to see what you were up to.

    Wow! I don't know what to say! You really ran the gamete this time.

    As for all those pills, mannnnn, that would make me toss my cookies!

    As for me, Things are settling down around here but still trying to get used to the noise and clutter two little kids provide.

  9. My goodness that's a lot of vitamins and such! I do love your appreciation for the wisdom that age brings. It is THE BEST thing about getting older.

  10. It's so nice to see your smiling face! And I loved your pearls of wisdom. My favourite is the one about living with intention.

  11. Love the wisdoms :) and love your new do! Most of all I love you <3
    Your ditsy dew diddly person >^. .^<


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