The Gardens - In the Beginning

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Gardens...Little Sprouts all in a Row

Lemon Cucumbers

Roodkapje Radishes

Danyelle Red Oakleaf Lettuce

Genovese Basil

Silver Queen White Sweet Corn

Not Above Ground Yet...

Brandywine Pink Tomatoes
Adelaide Baby Carrots
Painted Lady Runner Beans

Raised garden beds silently wait for the birth of life that lies dormant within them.  Filled with the richness of premium garden soil topped off with several inches of homemade compost will satisfy any seedling invited to stay as long as my two arms lug and my two feet convey that watering can from faucet to raised beds to faucet again.

Radishes rush to feel the warm sun first; cucumbers, then basil race to join them...exciting when the seed leaves begin pushing to the surface of the soil and beyond.  They look nothing the same and the size factor is different for each, but their real personality's take over with the appearance of their true leaves.  That's when everyone else knows what was planted if they're big into veggie ID's.

Lettuce is peeking from its hiding place just below the surface and will be joining the others in short time.  Carrots are sleeping in, they don't seem to be early problem...we know nature will coax them pronto.  Corn shot through the soil yesterday evening, but the green beans will strut their stuff after the newness of the others has worn off a bit.  They know how to make a late entrance after the early sprouts births have faded from memory.

The heirloom Brandywine tomatoes are slumming with the microbes and bacterial life in the static pile compost bin under their protection from harmful diseases.  Soon they will rise and shine also.  It's the beginning of a new day, and all's well in the veggie section of Little Fourth Acre Gardens.


  1. Sometimes I can even smell the rich earth after your posts. This is one such time. Your love of the earth always is so predominant and such a part of you. I'm in awe!

  2. My favorite season, I would be lost without my garden.

  3. Your little sprouts look so healthy. I planted lemon cucumbers for a couple of years and enjoyed everything about them from the taste to their little lemon like shape. They were so decorative when sliced. You have some happy days in the garden to look forward to!

  4. Such gorgeous little ones! They all seem to be doing very well.

  5. It looks good. Nothing like going out and picking your supper.


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