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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hooked on Mishmash

Where to many beginnings with the endings still to come, and time marching on not caring if I am lagging too far behind or skipping two steps ahead. Time waits for none.  Time catches up with all.  I glance into the mirror on the wall above my wash basin and I'm reminded how the multiple alpha hydrox products I slather onto my face, and the gobs of supplements I pop down my throat are weakening the power of my pocketbook as I continue to inch on towards everlasting memories.  Optimistic; forgetting the number of years my last birthday tallied up to, and looking forward to all the good years ahead is more my cup of tea.

This post may never see that Fourth of July fireworks ending I strive for in any of my endeavors, if my brain keeps refusing to shift up into second gear today.  THE JOB gave me a headache...okay, already !!! I !!! gave myself a headache which has carried on forever.  Rudeness has a hard time rolling off my back into the garbage can where it belongs, as my survival mode kind of drags in that department. When one goes the extra two miles for a customer and their reward is to belittle you as they are walking out the office door (coward!), I find it impossible to give them that financial break that is within my power to dole out.  That perked me up a bit :) but not enough to vanquish that hammer that started pounding in my noggin :(

My gardens give much purpose to my life as idleness is something I only look forward to; you know...a cup of coffee and a book to read as I sit in the shade of the umbrella at the ironwork table on the back deck.  It's never happened.  The weeds thumb their noses at me, the weather chuckles as it knows I'm at its every beck and call, and the newbies I tucked into the ground this spring keep chanting water me water me, I'm wilting.  I love it, because every day I wake up still able to work among the plants, is a day for hallelujahs from on high.

New cast concrete bench in the back yard with the sweet bay magnolia just beyond it.

Sweet Bay Magnolia
It only took 19 years and moving this baby 3 times to make it happy enough to start growing and finally bloom.  Very fragrant...lemony, reminding me of lemon aftershave if I stick my nose right in the flower.

Dense St. Johnswort bush with purple flowers :)

On the arbor

On the grapevine

Above the pond.
Clematis everywhere...Love it!

Back patio vegetable garden raised bed project.  Too expensive, but vegetable gardening has been a desire for years.

Wood Mint

Dwarf Pink Gaura

Indian Pink

Miss Ivy and her sisters are up to no good in the gardens again.

Andee has been heard many late nights wandering aimlessly through the hallway with a little worn out felt mouse clutched between his teeth and yowling so loudly one feels like flinging a shoe his way, but we love him so we don't. I whisper his name and he's soon on the bed keeping me awake a half hour longer enjoying the constant petting he adamantly demands.

Lacey's set up a napping station where the bath towels are conveniently stored, and after picking up the second round of extra towels scattered all over the floor that were in her way, storage elsewhere had to be found.  It's all for Lacy and Lacey for Lacey...that ornery calico ball of mischief.  She's a bit overwhelming in the need to exercise department any time she doesn't have her eyes shut snoozing.  She wants to play, Play, PLAY!


  1. Thank you so much for including the names of the flowers and plants. I think your yard is just stunning and I wish I had both your talent and energy. I really do not know why all plants and flowers die under my watch. Years ago I was so good with them. The raised vegetable gardens look wonderful! And I have to tell you that your friend is lucky who receives these scrapbooks!

  2. Good looking flowers and I want that bench!


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