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Monday, July 8, 2013


You'd think poor folks opting for no allowance could poof! up a budget in ten minutes flat, wouldn't you?  I labored away all know, probably that perfection quirk messing about with my noggin.  Accounting for every penny of your existence has its kidding :-/ but I can officially report that not even a moth is living in my wallet now.  I already forgot to bring the cash for the grocery store to work with me, so I think I'll be eating biscuits and jam for lunch tomorrow.

I get so tired of customers who think the tax dollars they pay should afford them the privilege of rudeness as they expect me to bend over backwards for them and kiss my own butt; and why in the world do others think I want to stand through a ten minute rant about how the new reservation system is a piece of crap...hey folks!  Give me a break...I just work here for the poverty wages your tax dollars pay me.  Do you really think when I come through for you (I always strive for a happy ending to a problem) that I didn't really mean what I just said or I guess it really isn't your fault make up for it all?  Duh!



:) Some days I just need to bitch a bit.

So------------look what I harvested from my raised beds this evening!


I ate a few...hotter than the wrath of hell!


  1. Well, I just wouldn't think you were a normal person if you didn't need to vent here and there! Of course, "normal" is a broad definition, eh? :)

  2. I understand people being upset about certain things. I do not understand yelling at the worker for just doing her job. She didn't make the rules.

  3. Yeah, radishes and salt and BEER!

  4. It seems as if people believe they are entitled to complain to everyone and expect others to fix their problems!


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