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Friday, July 19, 2013

Gardens...when one has cats

Blackberry Lily

First Salad from the Raised Beds

When one has cats, there's payback.  We could be talking about a little skeleton in the closet, cause the pet sitter forgot there were six cats instead of five; although all cat lovers know some closetholic kitties will run an obstacle course to streak or sneak through that open closet door before you unexpectedly shut it tight to keep kitty that's now inside of it out.

We might be talking about pens, keys, watches, eyeglasses, any small and surprisingly some fairly hefty bobbles re-positioning themselves from a non-secure location into another room, under a bed or inside one's shoe; although all cat lovers know some kleptoholic kitties will scale high places, climb over mountains of obstacles  or poke a moist nose where no respectable nose would ever go to find a forbidden new plaything.

We may be talking about houseplants within teeth munching distance morphing into bunches of stark naked stems sticking out of pots; although all cat lovers know some mountain goat want-a-be kitties will go to extraordinary lengths to reach that green stuff, then nibble and upchuck, ratting themselves out without an ounce of shame. 

This roster of feline charms knows the definition of infinity, as all people owned by cats have experienced that pit in the stomach feeling realizing the list could and will go on forever.  Only human and not a conniving resourceful cat, a certain feline with the tenacity of a pigheaded alligator got the best of me again :)



  1. The very reason I do not have a single living plant in my house.

  2. Cats are the reason I don't have anything nice anymore, except the cats.

    Great pictures.

    Herding Cats

  3. LOL. I guess cats just have to use their paws. They're so cute, you cannot help but forgive them anyway. BTW, dogs, those miniature ones thinks they're cats and shred leaves from my gardens, too.

  4. My cat TRIES to get trapped in the closet. Drives me nuts. That silly guy.


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