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Saturday, July 6, 2013

rainy day gardens...

Into the rabbit hole...

lovely green

Dropped husband off at work today so I could run an errand for him.  With only one car, we always seem to be waiting for each other...always.  Sat down to a blank screen in Word and sighed as my brain refused to shift out of neutral.  Sat down again with a hot creamed coffee and stuffed myself with two toasty Kashi 7 grain waffles covered with apricot preserves and real sour cream...mmmmm.  Diet???What diet?

Looked out the window at my yard refusing to soak up any more of the rainy deluge as the puddles overflowed into the street to whatever lies beyond, and I did what any crazy person would do...I stepped outside into the steady drizzle without a hat or jacket and started taking photos :)  With soggy jean legs, slightly damp shirt back, and hair that was a bit too unruly, I drove to the UPS Store after husband rudely interrupted my dewy photo session with a phone call reminding me that the clock was ticking down to the last minute and my errand was still just a plan in his head.

Dropped into the UPS Store per husbands instructions and was nicely told I needed to go to the REAL UPS Store over at the K-Mart Shopping Center, so-----I took my fanny over to the REAL UPS Store that looked like a carbon copy of the UNREAL UPS Store; the total sum of my very rainy trivial type of dragging my feet minimally challenged adventure.  Oh...that's right...I was supposed to pick up my husband from work five minutes ago. Rats...

crack plant

passion vine on a mission

ready to taste

leaf stems creating a dam

lovely confusion

splash of rain

reflections on a wet bench


  1. I just do not get why your neighbors or town would ever complain about this gorgeous yard of yours. Which must be huge, by the way. So similar to what I'd like in my own yard.

    1. The whole lot is really only a quarter acre, but I have multiple paths with vegetation separating them, so it all appears larger. Creates a lot of pruning to keep the paths clear, but I love the results. So far this has been at least a 15 year project; so it's not an overnight deal. Just takes dedication and patience which is sometimes hard to live with :)

    2. We only have one vehicle too. My husband says there are a lot of people that he works with that get picked up and dropped off every day.

  2. I feel like some of our most artistic moments can happen when we're waiting or just "wasting time."

  3. You sound so much like me--when all else fails, take some pictures!! You have a lovely (albeit wet) collection! Your pink echinacea really stands out.

  4. You've captured the perfect rainy day.
    Love all the greenery and lushness !

  5. a little rain maked the colors come out. :) You have a nice garden.


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