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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Jamie Files - Tale 1 Conversations with a Cat

"Independence…while cats grasp the notion head-on with some of them erupting into flaming beacons of obstinacy; doltish dogs gaze upon it simply as a weak-minded choice between sitting to the left or right of master, depending on what master has commanded."

This observation was conveyed to me last night by a torpedo of energy that cloyingly eyed me as he pulled my paw encircled hand towards his open mouth full of teeth; even though he clearly did not misunderstand a half hour earlier that it was way past my bedtime before proceeding to play round six of our don’t-play-with-my-feet-on-the-bed-off-the-bed-dodge-squirt bottle marathon. 

I objected with a light thump on his nose and he slowly stretched out within chomping distance of my ear and whispered sweetly that he was taking a deserved break to lick his wet back and sides free of that nasty water to ready himself for round seven.  By his calculations his bedtime was hours away.

A kiss-ass vegged out pooch lying submissively at the foot of the bed while this perky persevering pest was stuffed quietly outside for the night in the dog house began to look mighty tempting.


  1. The dog knows how to live! The cat? What does he care? He has more of those in his arsenal.

  2. I don't miss the days of kitty-pouncing. Lacey still has her playful moments, but they don't last too long.


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