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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Jamie Files - Tale 3 Conversations with a Cat

"Did you know that your mutt ran over the top of me last night when he got excited?"

"Your point being, kitty destructo?"

"He's dangerous and an irritant to Lacey."


"Did I say something funny?"

"I'm curious.  Lacey told me a different tale this morning from her perch high on top of the bookcase that you can't reach as yet."

"She's got it in for me.  She offers to play, then she hisses and tries to kick all my fur off when I oblige."

"Playing, hmmmmm...Lacey called it something different."

"I told you, mommy dearest, she totally has it in for me.  To believe her tales of fantasy would be a grave mistake."

"Are you threatening me, kitty butt pain?"

"Oh no mommy, kiss kiss, I love you to pieces.  I like playing with you too, even though you get a little rough booting me about with the foot, making me hold on for dear life with my teeth and claws."

" seem to have an odd perception as to the meaning of play."

"I'll make it up to Lacey; I promise, mommy."

"Really!  I see your front and back legs crossed.  Isn't that a little uncomfortable?"

"Not at all, mommy...not at all."

"I think your 537th play date with the calico was the last straw."

"An exaggeration!  It can't be more than 400."

"She mentioned a mission to wipe your memory off the face of the earth."

"Why would my memory be on the face of the earth?"

"I don't think that was quite what she meant, kitty clueless."

"I'm just a happy kitten, making happy, happy all around me."

"Pardon me, while I go look for a shovel."


  1. How cute! I will have to go back and read the other files.

  2. One has a stinker butt kitty on the premises.


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