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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Jamie Files - Tale 2 Conversations with a Cat

"Problem solving...while felines and their inquisitive thirst for knowledge kind of open mindedness that brilliantly cool cats always possess, approach a problem head on with maybe a few lug nuts reducing to ashes the first of their nine lives; brownnosing dogs, falling all over their masters, remain so discombobulated (how does he even know what that word means?) when their sniffing schnozes discover a problem, that they must then present it to master to solve."  

This bit of unsolicited insight was left for me to mull over as that meddling, nosy little snoop sat on the bottom shelf of the opened cupboard with a frizzed ended Q-Tip sticking out his mouth and a chewed up carefree pad resting under his butt.  I visualized a hot pursuit of child-proof paraphernalia in my near future.

Scooting him off the shelf with my bare foot, silly me...let's rephrase that...attempting to keep that rolled up ball of razor sharp teeth and needlepoint claws from perforating my bare foot as I nudged him towards the edge of his kingdom of mayhem and onto the floor, I wondered if this entry into kitty purgatory was a sign that the apocalypse was just around the next corner.

A yes-mommy fido contently looking at a closed cupboard for the rest of his life, while this paw manipulating Houdini is accidentally shutout behind a door knob apparatus is beginning to look tremendously exciting.

Casey and Thomas are now Smokey and Simba ;) so totally not me, but then again they are so totally not mine anymore.

Smokey aka Casey

Simba aka Thomas

They've moved up a notch or two on the plush scale of easy living in an elite neighborhood.  I tried purring, but their new owners thought I was too grown up to take in and settled for the four month old's instead.  I was so happy...until a third face showed up for dinner last night :(  This seems to be the beginning of the never ending never ending never ending story.  Oh, pooh!


  1. Crazy cat lady begins! LOL Just teasing you, Yvonne. I'd be in the same boat if they were hanging around my house.

  2. cats can be so 'interesting' LOL have fun!

  3. That little guy is certainly a goer.


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