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Monday, October 6, 2014

Stop this merry-go-round and let me get off...purty pleazeee!

Been busy...
Throw a husband in there for two week,
Stir in some mischief,
with zero ounces of prevention
a pinch bunch quart cup of stress
shake to the left
shake to the right

Five little devils in cat's clothing live with me now,
a sixth peeks into the window morning and night
if a cat eats a crumb of food from your plate
he's yours for the rest of his life...
Ever heard these words?
It's true :(

Husband made his every six months pilgrimage to the local Walmart
and stuffed kitty litter bags into every nook and cranny of the house.
Hey!  Those two ton bags are heavy
and I've become puny delicate in my old older age.

Took a two week vacation from work to work...don't ask me why...I'm piggish that way.
Husband had to run for his life back overseas for some needed rest ;(

Driving a new Camry without bells and whistles.  Didn't want to be stranded when the old Solara gives up the ghost.

Locked out of my back door and locked into my back yard last night...40 degree weather in my cotton dress and sandals for two hours, br-r-r-r-r!

Guess I should feel fortunate that even though my distress yell was answered by someone with no cell phone or drivers license but claimed he was an expert at climbing chain-link fences and picking locks????? finally just sawed the lock off the gate.

Guess I should feel double fortunate that one of my neighbors finally came home from a night out on the town, and took me into their home to thaw out and call someone with a key.

Guess I should breathe a sigh of relief that tomorrow I will only be replacing my dead washer and not a dead dryer also.

Guess I should be jumping for joy that although I feel like my house is falling down around me, it's really only settling badly into the ground.

Oh, well...

Sardine Fridays!  Yah!  Yah!  Yah!!!  The day each week when the domesticated fuzzballs of this address morph into raving manics biting the hands that feed them.  A Valium guzzled down with a quart of beer is needed after that feeding frenzy of furry piranhas is done.

Time to slowly fade into another life void of this blog, as growing older waits for no one, and the time to grow in other ways doesn't last forever. I haven't much more to give all by myself here at little fourth acre gardens...

Dusk Reflection in Bird Bath

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  1. glad hubby is safe and sound! you need to hide a key!


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