The Gardens - In the Beginning

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Weed Pickin' Blues

Door with a View

No Time for Leisure

Past Tense
Came and Went

Present Tense
Front Gate

Perched on the Washer

Litter Pan Nightmare

Reaching for the Stars

Through the Back Garden Gate

Aunt Yvonne and Miss Maple
in Texas

Bittersweet Easter visit with sister and family.
No place to sleep except mom's old bed.
Tried not to think about it too much.
Her glass music box with golden dolphin legs
set quietly on the nightstand.
The one gift I was able to give her that she
really, really, really, really, really
Couldn't bring myself to wind it up
 let the notes of Ave Maria softly play.
I miss her much.

Backyard after the Rains

In the garden again late today until dusk pulling WEEDS.
My life from this day forward until next winter :(
Thunder in the distance rolling across the clouded sky kept me company.
Won the race this day
crossing the finish line just as the first drops began to fall.
I'm happy!

Good Friends
making life wonderful

Three short weeks and Vic once again
flew out of my life across an ocean...
almost a figment of my imagination
when communication is so sparse.
Love you.

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