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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Time Continues

Warmth of sun wraps around my being as I pull myself up onto the granite boulder, and watch as sparkles of light dance across the flowing river...twinkling jewels kissing the water in its journey to far off lands. Fragrances of nature caress my nose, and a delicate breeze plays with my hair as wisps of creamy clouds softly hug the sky above my head, row after row after row.  Music of the song sparrow comforts my ears as I watch a sprinkling of little azure butterflies flit back and forth amongst the grasses below me.  I am a thought, a note of music, a sigh of resignation, drifting through the abyss of time...a footnote to man...speck of dust to the world...invisible to the universe.  I am me and that is enough.
A stranger for the past eighteen months, my quiet place has grown cold and lonely waiting for my return.  I had forgotten its power to reawaken the affirmation of my true self, to restore the calm in my life. and rejuvenate my spirit of adventure.  I am there today.  It is time to hike over the next horizon and into the unknown.  This blog will rise to the occasion or plummet to its death.  It is of no importance which occurs. All that is important is that the journey has started once again and the need to revisit the past has dispersed into the cosmos.

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  1. Time changes, we change.....what ever is going on in your life it's good that you are moving forward!


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