Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm gettin' nuttin' for Christmas 'cause I ain't been nuttin' but bad!

Vic always ends his phone conversations with "be good", and I always tell him "no way, I want to have fun".  I do have oodles of fun "being good", but my home is seldom on Santa's list of deliveries.  Christmas isn't about presents (am I crazy!!!), although most children and a bunch of adults would beg to differ, but I comfortably live with this exclusion.

Gifts aren't my main form of feeling loved anyway, but I do have a little dark cloud forming over me, growing bigger each day a Christmas card fails to appear in my mail box; and each year fewer and fewer cards make their way into my greedy little clutches, as I thumb through all my mail around Christmas time and usually come up with zilch... :(  I know, I know...you think because of my age...my friends are dying off around me like flies, but I'm not THAT old.  People just don't keep in touch with paper you can hold in you hands...saddens me.

Sending Christmas cards is always a big fanfare with me.  It is usually the closest resemblance to a gift anyone outside of immediate family will ever receive of me, so it is a definite must that I send out WOW!!! cards with all the jingles and jangles attached.  This Christmas post is my "card" to you...a little of the past...a whole lot of the now, with all the jingles and jangles attached.   

Michael's Story

Loneliest Christmas I remember was the Christmas just after my divorce, when I was living in Reno in a six apartment building near downtown. Telephoning anyone, meant I had to walk across the street to the pay phone. I had no Christmas tree, no presents, no Christmas cards, no money, no nothing. It was like, to everyone else, I had fallen off the face of the earth and had been forgotten. I remember feeling more alone at that moment, than any other time in my life before or since.

One of the December days those big fat fluffy snowflakes were sifting down from the sky, and all I could see out my apartment window was a cool white that amazingly stayed bright even after dark.  It all looked so wonderfully inviting that I pulled on my boots, buttoned my coat up tight, circled scarf around neck and face, tugged hat snugly over head and ears; and ventured out into that wonderland of softness from the heavens.  Looking up through the street lamp light all I saw was white with all those amazing flakes radiating out of the center and descending upon my face ever so lightly.  I walked for blocks, alone in all that quiet beauty.  Magic...pure magic.   

One late evening that winter after Christmas, I barely heard a cat's low meow at my front window.  Opening the window, a gray and white cat jumped onto my living room floor from the window ledge. He became the most special cat I have ever lived with. Alone in the apartment, he would seem overjoyed every time I came home from work.  I soon discovered that his favorite people foods were baby peas, scrambled eggs, Cheez Its, cake and icing.

He always slept by my face, and would purr himself to sleep with a purr that sounded like the roar of an airplane engine.  He loved to play hide and seek...hiding in the bathtub at the end of the hallway, meowing until I peeked around the shower curtain and spied him, then sailing over the edge of tub, flying down the hallway, and around the corner to the living room and safety.  He would start meowing again until I peeked around the corner and spied him, then he went flying back to the bathtub to start the game all over again.  He was wonderful.

He would follow me around, but if I was in a room and needed to leave that room for just a short time, I would tell him to stay there as I would be right back.  He would stay there and wait for me.  Totally amazing.  At night, when he was older, and the purr was a little softer, and he was lying by my face, I would tell him that he was my sweetheart and that I loved him so much and he would always give me a little kiss with his nose.

He was just the sweetest cat ever.  I always felt that as long as he was with me everything would be alright.  When he passed away, it was as if my heart died a thousand deaths.  For all those years that he was in my life, I never felt alone.  He was the best present I ever had.

Our Feline Trio

Christmas Card News Letter
Not to fret...
only do short ones.
from all at our cozy abode

Yummy yum yucko cough syrup...like drinking the whole bottle of this traumatizing elixir cranking out this year's holiday news letter.  Memory eludes me, but I'm thinking 2009 flew into the stratosphere without nary a comment from me. The lows were on high that year, husband unemployed, Molly leaving us after 20 1/2 years...Christmas came and went quietly.

Molly Molly Molly...so much sweetness and feistiness all wrapped up in such a petite package. Panamanian and surprisingly healthy for a feline in the tropics, confiscated from the laundry room by our landlord, no clue what to do with her, we with two cats already...well - people just assume that feline people always have room for an infinite number of little furry feet - so, we then had three meowy mouths to feed.

Being such a small kitty, Molly practically lived on my lap most of her life whether I liked it or not, protesting loudly and clinging onto me for dear life anytime I had to get up. Such a character, so loved, and extremely missed.

Vic's lodgings now-a-days is Afghanistan, so eleven months of the year he is missed dearly, and one month of the year is party time! Thanksgiving vacation we spent a fabulous two weeks going to every concert available no matter what the venue, and three days at a fantastically ritzy bed and breakfast in Atlanta.

Our feline trio is doing well at the moment, with Jesse requiring more of my care these days to keep his life in quality mode. Bummer growing old, even for a cat.

Dustin dog found his way into our household a year ago, rat terrier and jack russell mix, lovable one minute, stinker the next.

A pinch of stardust has been added to this news letter to fill your hearts and noggins with the radiance and glow of the Christmas time spirit and all of its magical powers. Much love...

Yvonne and Vic...Jesse, Andee, Zoe...purr purr purrrrr...Dustin...arf barf!

Best Wishes
For the merriest of Christmases
And the happiest of New Years

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Dangers of Reading - Part 1 & 2

Fluffo had grown weary of the dreary confinements of her owner's humble abode.  Years of reading about the adventures and misadventures of dogs, mice, and men cemented her determination to explore the world beyond the front window.  Her head began to fill with plans to shred every possible inch of Victor's bed in hopes of compelling him to eject her out the front door into that cruel, cruel world of freedom.  She allowed Victor to pet her just enough to keep her on his good side, and beneath that cool, sweet exterior her head raced with lethal plans she would implement at the moment of escape.  Meanwhile, she would check out the other books of death, mayhem, and destruction in Victor's bedroom bookcase.  She now called herself Commando Fluffo, queen of the house of Victor.

- As told to Yvonne by Zoe the cat - 

The Dangers of Reading - Part 2

A shadow in the labyrinths of the underworld of human beds, psychotic Commando Fluffo festers with delusions of persecution, brain nearly fried with multiple conspiracy theories concocted from a slow descent into the dark realm of mayhem, treachery, and war that lives on the pages of Victor's library of darkness.  Not near normal or abnormal is Fluffo's reality these days.  The mental anguish and humiliation...the bed humans' covert skirmishes of entrapment to drown her and choke her to death on pills and eyedroppers of liquid torture...they will pay dearly.  Licking with a vengeance, ingesting loads and loads of fur, Christmas morning the floors will reek of hairball nightmare, the oozy stuff squishing up between human toes with every foot step.  Perfecting a torture technique to perfection, Commando Fluffo calculates how many seconds it is possible to fend hacking up on human bed, then hurling all, and escaping human clutches at the last second.  Commando Fluffo is glowing in a new feeling of warmth and satisfaction, tingling from nose to tail tip...happiness.  Let the games begin!

- Again...as told to Yvonne by Zoe the cat -
- Andee has ratted Zoe out, claiming Fluffo is her alias name.

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Christmas Memories...

So much fun when you have family
to share the experience with.
Spent the holiday a later year 
with Mom and Dad trying to relive a little
 of the magic of childhood memories.
Not quite the same, but a lot of fun trying. 
And the magical December
when Sonya, Chris, Tanya, Faydra, Vic and I
had Christmas in our Tennessee home
will hold a special place in my heart forever.
Crackling fire burning most of the day
and night in the fireplace, lots of munchies,
everything decorated up for the holidays,
great dinner, good movie to watch
and lots of conversations.
I couldn't ask for things any better than that.

Always working the holidays when Reno was home,
my present to family was two Christmas'...mine,
celebrated on my days off and theirs, celebrated
on the 25th.  What energy I had back then.
I would bake most of the decorations that went on
that big tree.  Those cute gingerbread men
with their legs and arms bent different
ways before being baked,
 3 raisins on their chests for buttons,
and different facial expressions out of icing.
Their legs and arms became shorter
over time from nibbling cats.
Snowballs (wonderful popcorn ball recipe
with sweetened condensed can milk)
decorated with braids, cords and ribbons,
star cookies, loads of candy canes
and those little sparkly lights...
such magical trees for me.
Decorating the living room like
Christmas was invented there,
made from scratch Christmas breakfast
and Christmas dinner...Sonya and her husband,
Chris (just a baby), Ron, Roger, Mom and Dad
would all be there.
  Those were such great Christmas' for me.

I was made for Christmas.
From the time I knew what Christmas was
until today, no one can suppress the spirit of Christmas
I feel.  Grew up creating new decorations and eats
every year for the holiday.  I had so much fun
with Dad decorating the home.  Such special moments
stay in my heart forever.
And the one year Mom and Dad so graciously
allowed me to have my own decorated
Christmas tree in my bedroom...I just had to have
my very own tree that was all mine. 
After sifting that shredded plastic snow
all through the branches,
it was enchanting.
Growing up...such crazy and fun times.

So much fun when you have family
to share the experience with.

My Christmas thoughts...
April 2006

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