Friday, November 25, 2016

Tell me again how much you love me.

Half full, half empty, or just half a glass?  I straddle that fence, stuck somewhere in-between naughty and nice.  Dear Santa...I’ve been a bit more nice than naughty!  Doesn't that count?

Vic's still in Iraq destroying things with a laser cutter, a very tall crane, a box cutter and a pair of scissors.  He's an extremely resourceful individual.  The man everyone can always count on.

We're one cat less, and skitzo kitty calico has been doing a happy dance since her tormentor, the little black terror, poofed out of her life.  I’m a bit sad, she’s a lot glad.  She’s a team player if food isn’t involved, and my lap loving moocher. 

I've had a setback with my back, and have developed a very close relationship with my physical therapist and pain.  I'm looking forward to retiring and starting a new chapter in my life.  Vic told me to say that :)

The yard is looking great if you’re near sighted and never owned glasses.  We did have an arborist work on all the trees to define their outline from each other, and cut down on the chaotic intermingling they created.  The bit of extra sunlight is lovely. 

Front porch has new cedar railings to keep visitors from plummeting into the garden, which is a good thing.  Repair crew trampled the garden to smithereens, which is a bad thing :(  Now it's my thing to fix it all.

A bit vague, but that’s my style today.  No photos, as my smart phone is still a little bit smarter than me.  I’m thinking of Christmas, 'cause if I don’t it will fade into oblivion before it even starts, as it did last year.     

Perched on my stack of pillows staring into the emptiness of this computer screen, I’m having a difficult time trying to squeeze out a few words of awesome :( Overstuffed on homemade deep-dish pumpkin pie piled high with mounds of real whipped cream, I've just cut another smaller piece to savor with a hot steaming cup of coffee laced with lovely cream.  Holidays…when one can be a little pig with it!

Lacey’s tucked under the skirted hassock dreaming of roasted mice lined up in a row.  Dustin’s snoozing in his fleecy cave bed pretending he’s perched on the highest cat tree on the highest mountain.  Zoe’s traded in her dark world of under-beds for queen of bed-top snoozing.  Charlotte and Austin still occupy my studio, but a Let's All Just Get Along Together reintroduction with Lacey is being planned to occur by the 25th of December.  Might require a small miracle, but isn’t that what Christmas is all about?  Keeping fingers crossed.

May your dreams be sweet ones, may your friends be true, may your homes be winter-warm and summer-cool, may your spirits soar with the eagles on high and nestle with the doves down low, and may you tell those closest to you again and again just how much you really do love them.  

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